[Update: Google confirms shut down, denies timeline] 2019 is your final year to make employ of Google Hangouts ought to you haven’t moved on already – 9to5Google

Consistent with source accustomed to the product’s internal roadmap, Google Hangouts for patrons will seemingly be shutting down someday in 2020. That’s no longer dazzling at all since Google if truth be told ceased construction on the app higher than a year ago. But magnificent know, going into 2019, that is certainly your final year to withhold the usage of the favored (?) legacy chat app.

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Closing spring, Google introduced its pivot for the Hangouts imprint to endeavor employ conditions with Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, so the writing has been on the wall for moderately some time concerning the Hangouts user app’s demise. In the meantime, Google has transitioned its user-going thru messaging efforts to RCS ‘Chat’ and Android Messages following Allo’s misadventures.

Given Google’s abandonment of the app when it comes to construction and its presumed eventual demise, many possess already transitioned a long way from the usage of it. But Hangouts is soundless the prominent chat probability in Gmail on the catch and the app stays on the Google Play Retailer to on the present time. Many unusual opinions disclose that the app is showing indicators of age, noting bugs and efficiency complications.

As talked about, Hangouts as a imprint will reside on with G Suite’s Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, the ancient supposed to be a team dialog app honest like Slack, and the latter a video conferences platform. In the meantime, Google Dispute calling, which modified into as soon as on the beginning independent and then long integrated into Hangouts, modified into as soon as moved reduction out to its occupy redesigned app earlier this year.

Apparently, despite its imminent axing, Hangouts modified into as soon as one amongst some apps to construct up early toughen for Android Auto’s new MMS and RCS efficiency, alongside Android Messages and WhatsApp.

Update 12/1: Google’s Scott Johnston has chimed in and denies that any choices had been made about the timeline of legacy Hangouts’ shutdown. Confusingly, nonetheless, he says that users of user Hangouts users will seemingly be in a plot “upgraded” to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, both being endeavor-centered merchandise that occupy completely different needs.

Scott moreover explicitly confirms for the first time that Hangouts Traditional, the world of this file, will seemingly be shutting down “at final.”

In the meantime, a 2nd source has since corroborated my initial file, and says choices possess certainly been made for the deprecation of legacy Hangouts.

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Shutting down Hangouts has been a truly long time coming, so if anything else, its retirement soundless being higher than a year away is what’s dazzling right here. I’d venture to guess that its right usage numbers are soundless essential provided that Google’s initiative to produce a honest messaging different, Allo, flopped miserably. In the meantime the ‘Chat’ RCS initiative that Google’s main up soundless isn’t off the ground, either.

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