Nvidia’s Titan RTX card coming quickly, judging by these not-so-subtle teases – PC Gamer

Nvidia has begun teasing the next card in its Titan series, the Titan RTX, suggesting that it would per chance well commence sooner in resolution to later. 

The cardboard has popped up on social media: Gavin Free from YouTube channel The Gradual Mo Guys posted a image on Instagram showing a card with the Titan logo attach in in his PC (alongside a bonus cat), whereas Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng, the ragged head of Google Brain, posted his regain image of the attach in card on Twitter—the image at the stay of this article is a zoomed-in model.

The Titan RTX box also appeared twice in a recent video from Linus Tech Tips: you would possibly well gape it at 30:33 and 34:06.

We make not know powerful in regards to the unique Titan for now, however due to the it’s phase of the RTX card line—which at unusual contains the RTX 2080, its Ti variant, and the RTX 1070—this can exhaust Nvidia’s unique Turing architecture, and have devoted hardware to urge ray tracing. With a puny bit of luck we are going to discover more quickly.

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