Royal Mail delivers: Postman, can you are taking this to heaven? – WTHR


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LONDON (AP) — A 7-one year-inclined Scottish boy who despatched a birthday card to his father in heaven has received a heart-warming answer.

A Royal Mail good replied to Jase Hyndman after seeing the cardboard addressed: “Mr. Postman, Are you able to are taking this to heaven for my dad’s birthday.”

The Royal Mail’s Sean Milligan wrote abet, asserting, “This turn into as soon as a fancy self-discipline warding off stars and diversified galactic objects on route to heaven. However, please be assured that this explicit well-known item of mail has been delivered.”

Jase’s mother, Teri Copland, posted photos of the letters on Fb, which hold been shared extra than 260,000 cases.

Copland says, “I if truth be told cannot relate how emotional he is shimmering his dad received the cardboard. … It’s doubtless it is advisable to merely restored my faith in humanity.”

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