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LAS VEGAS – MMAjunkie is on scene and reporting are residing from today’s TUF 28 Finale occasion, and you may join us for are residing play-by-play and qualified results beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET (3:30 p.m. PT).

The occasion takes space at Pearl Theatre at The Hands in Las Vegas. The card airs on FS1 following early prelims on UFC Fight Pass.

Within the most indispensable occasion, dilapidated light-weight champion Rafael dos Anjos (28-10 MMA, 17-eight UFC) takes on Kamaru Usman (Thirteen-1 MMA, eight-0 UFC) at welterweight. As nicely as, two “Final Fighter” winners will most seemingly be crowned when Juan Espino (eight-1 MMA, 0-0 UFC) meets Justin Frazier (eleven-2 MMA, 0-0 UFC) within the heavyweight occasion final and Macy Chiasson (2-0 MMA, 0-0 UFC) fights Pannie Kianzad (9-3 MMA, 0-0 UFC) for the females’s featherweight occasion title.

Alter to along with our spherical-by-spherical updates and qualified results beginning at roughly 6:30 p.m. ET for the UFC Fight Pass prelims, eight p.m. ET for the prelims on FS1, and 10 p.m. ET for the most indispensable card on FS1.

To be in contact regarding the level to, assemble certain to try our TUF 28 Finale dialogue thread. You will need the flexibility to also acquire on the relief of-the-scenes protection and quite a number of occasion notes from on-home journalists John Morgan (@MMAjunkieJohn) and Ken Hathaway (@kenshathaway) on Twitter.

Admire the fights, all individuals.

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Spherical 1 – The ex-champ gets popped with a jab affter pawing along with his possess. Usman plant s entrance kick and wings a hook. He grabs a leg within the originate and presses dos Anjos to the cage. They trade knees, and dos Anjos peels off with an elbow. Usman relief on his jab. Dos Anjos with an out of this world combo in side. Usman chases him relief, and then is available in for a takedown. Huge elevate, and dos Anjos is slammed to the mat. They’re clearly in a sure pure weight class. Dos Anjos is up, however he looks fighting Usman’s bulk. Knees from each, and instant punches from Usman, who ducks under again. Immediate elbows traded, and dos Anjos gets free. Usman’s high kick blocked. Dos Anjos goes low wit his kick, and he leaps with a knee as Usman closes in reach the fence. In on a takedown, Usman waits as dos Anjos wraps the head. Dos Anjos threatens with a guillotine, and Usman adjusts. Knee to the head opens takedown from Usman, and dos Anjos shrimps to the fence, taking punches overhead. Ground and pound from Usman, who takes an upkick and retains coming. Dos Anjos elbows the head, and time runs out. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Usman.

Spherical 2 – Usman closes in and works the jab. Dos Anjos tries a combo and kick interior, and Usman relief along with his possess-two half earlier than using relief to the fence. Abet where we believe been, and Usman drops for a takedown. Dos Anjos resists and tries to flee, however Usman grabs him earlier than he can scoot. Immediate photographs from each in end. Dos Anjos going nowhere to this level. Usman drops for a leg and gets his man to the mat. Dos Anjos elbows the head and tries to protect an active guard. Extra punches and elbows to the head for dos Anjos, and Usman on his feet, winging punches and elbows. He pushes dos Anjos to the fence, and dos Anjos wraps a kimura. A instant crank gets the crowd going, however Usman knows what to invent. Dos Anjos uses protect to acquire the sweep and acquire relief to his feet, and he’s relief within the game. Calf kick for the ex-champ, and Usman replies with an elbow in end earlier than smothering again. Foot stomps, and dos Anjos assaults the calf and head. Usman comes relief along with his possess kicks, however dos Anjos has more steam on his. They trade once or twice till time runs out. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for dos Anjos, and it’s even at 19-19.

Spherical 3 – Usman presses in early and so that they trade hooks. Dos Anjos goes low with a kick, and Usman powers into the clinch beating the body. Dos Anjos relief with but any other body kick, and so that they trade heavy photographs till Usman presses in for the takedown. Dos Anjos tripped to the mat, and Usman grabs the body as he sits up. Tripped relief again, dos Anjos takes a knee on the formula up, and he’s bleeding. Gentle in this, dos Anjos is firing relief, however the energy of Usman is too much to trade. Usman finally goes relief to his energy and gets an effortless takedown. Yet any other kimura strive from the underside, and Usman beats the body as he grabs his shorts. Usman wraps the head when dos Anjos loses the protect, and now it’s dos Anjos going for the takedown. He ain’t gonna assemble it happen. Usman wraps the head and hangs out. Dos Anjos gets to his feet and tries a plumb, however he doesn’t believe the home. Knees from each and dos Anjos at closing breaks off. dos Anjos works combos and Usman cracks him in return. When dos Anjos misses on a upright, Usman costs right into a takedown and misses the quit. Time runs out as he rights himself, and MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Usman, placing him up 29-28.

Spherical four – Dos Anjos light on his feet as Usman stalks him. He’s the usage of all his tools to protect Usman at bay. Usman’s punches simply believe more weight. The low kick is dos Anjos’ simplest weapon to this level. However it angers Usman who traps him in opposition to the fence and lets his fingers scoot. A few photographs trace him, and then he powers dos Anjos to the mat. Elbows from the head. Dos Anjos gets to his feet, and he’s tripped relief to his fingers and knees, and then his relief. Usman mountainous-brothering him. Midway level of the spherical, and Usman works ground and pound. Dos Anjos gets to his feet and gets kneed within the legs earlier than getting tripped relief down. He moves to his relief, and Usman mauls him with punches and elbows. Dos Anjos pitches forward, and Usman wraps the head and hgrabs a leg to position his man flat on his relief. There’s nowhere to head. On story of dos Anjos is a grasp technician, he can keep away from quite rather a lot of the pictures. However now not all of them, by far. He’s right at right an obstacle positionally. Spherical ends, and MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-eight for Usman, and it’s 39-36.

Spherical 5 – Dos Anjos attempting to pause cell and steer clear of difficulty. Usman pops him with a wheel kick and lands photographs agains the fence. Win time? No. Usman fires off but any other combo and ties up in opposition to the fence earlier than placing dos Anjos down. Usman to the relief as his foe turns. Usman with a tricky hammerfist, and dos Anjos powers to his feet. Usman with punches in end, and dos Anjos hangs on as Usman beats his body in opposition to the fence. Three minutes left, and more body photographs. Diploma exchange, and dos Anjos tries a guillotine. His legs aren’t within the upright space, however, and Usman is working to side administration. Full mount strive fails for Usman, however more punches overhand as dos Anjos tries to comprise him. Dos Anjo’s upright ear is a mess. Usman kneeling over him, and dos Anjos lands an out of this world elbow. It’s a closing gasp, despite the truth that. Usman is smothering him again. Can opener opens the guard, and Usman stays heavy as dos Anjos tries to high-tail to his feet. Usman punches in opposition to the cage and fires off one closing punch as time expires. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-eight for Usman, who gets the Forty 9-Forty four resolution.

Result: Kamaru Usman def. Rafael dos Anjos through unanimous resolution (50-forty three, Forty 9-forty five, 48-forty seven)
RecapKamaru Usman relentless, stakes title claim with shutdown of Rafael dos Anjos
PhotosKamaru Usman vs. Rafael dos Anjos
Details: Rafael dos Anjos (28-eleven MMA, 17-9 UFC), Kamaru Usman (14-1 MMA, 9-0 UFC)
Division: Welterweight
Rankings: Dos Anjos No. 6, Usman No. eight
Broadcast: FS1
Referee: Yves Lavigne

Spherical 1 – Frazier closees into the clinch and straight attracts a colossal takedown from Espino, who elevates him and slams him to the mat. Heavy ground and pound as Frazier tries to work to his feet. Espino on the relief as Frazier tries to upright himself, then he turns to face Frazier to return to the takedown strive. Abet to the relief, riding Frazier. He fires his free left hand and nails Frazier, who tries to flip to his abdominal. Espino mauling Frazier early. Frazier presents up his relief and Espino works to flatten him out, pounding with hammerfists within the meantime. Here comes the choke, and Frazier manages to continue to exist. However the punches protect coming. Frazier gets out the relief quit and fires off a knee as Espino drives him to the cage. Knees to the body, and Smith warns Espino to now not clutch the fence. Pummel time, and Espino peels off with a punch earlier than using for but any other takedown. Now in side administration, Espino is again within the drivers seat. Crucifix space, and he grabs an arm for the straight armbar. Frazier grimaces and is forced to faucet.

Result: Juan Espino def. Justin Frazier through submission (straight armbar) – Spherical 1, 3:36
RecapJuan Espino dominates Justin Frazier, claims ‘TUF’ title in first
PhotosJuan Espino vs. Justin Frazier
Details: Juan Espino (9-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Justin Frazier (eleven-3 MMA, 0-1 UFC)
Division: Heavyweight
Broadcast: FS1
Referee: Mark Smith

Spherical 1 – Chiasson punches her procedure in and grabs for the clinch. Kianzad matadors her and resets. Identical methodology, and the identical end result. Kianzad popping and transferring as Chiasson costs in. Kianzad switches it up and tries her possess shot. Chiasson intercepts and grabs a leg in opposition to the fence. Kianzad’s flip is heavenly, however Chiasson uses momentum to position her foe in opposition to the fence. She tries to work knees and set up a time out. They trade more knees, and Chiasson ducks for a single. No heavenly, and so that they pummel in opposition to the cage. Kianzad fighting Chiasson’s size. Extra knees traded and Kianzad nails her with a punch. However Chiasson costs relief in and grabs a leg. Extra of Chiasson working for the takedown, and she can’t acquire it carried out. However Kianzad can’t seem to flee. When she punches, she takes knees from the clinch. Kianzad gets chased across the cage and finally ends up within the identical space on the reverse side of the octagon. Extra knees for Chiasson. Fantastic knee up high. Kianzad pops with a number of photographs and at closing gets free. Her fingers are noticeably better, however a takedown from the originate backfires spectacularly as Chiasson sprawls and takes the relief. Kianzad fights the fingers and tries to acquire free. Chiasson has the choke, however Kianzad peels off a hand. A bar-arm is kind of there, and time runs out. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Chiasson.

Spherical 2 – Chiasson upright in Kianzad’s face and eats a number of upright fingers to acquire the leg in opposition to the fence. Kianzad tries to flip out and misses on an elbow. Chiasson uses knees and gets became on the cage. Kianzad breaks off and gets chased across the cage. Chiasson nails her with a upright that drops her to the mat. Chiasson now on high with Kianziad constructing for an armbar. She goes abdominal down for an armbar and Chiasson steps over to the relief. Abet in choke space with quite rather a lot of time to work. Kianzad works to struggle the fingers. Chiasson uses her leg to entice the arm that’s protecting her from sinking the choke, and she’s at closing got the space. A tough crank, and Kianzad is forced to faucet. Chiasson is “The Final Fighter.”

Result: Macy Chiasson def. Pannie Kianzad through submission (rear-naked choke) – Spherical 2, 2:eleven
RecapMacy Chiasson submits Pannie Kianzad to grunt ‘TUF 28’ crown
PhotosMacy Chiasson vs. Pannie Kianzad
Details: Macy Chiasson (3-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Pannie Kianzad (9-four MMA, 0-1 UFC)
Division: Girls folk’s featherweight
Broadcast: FS1
Referee: Yves Lavigne

Spherical 1 – Caraway sits down on punches early as Munhoz assaults his legs with kicks. Caraway on his jab as Munhoz continues to assault his legs. Caraway grabs the body for a takedown and then uses a jab to procure a seek for at a takedown. Munhoz fights it in opposition to the cage and seems to flee. Munhoz slaps Caraway with punches and leg kicks, and it feels like the leg kicks are doing serious damage. Caraway is quiet within the struggle, firing relief and attempting to land along with his low and loose punching vogue. However Munhoz’s straight photographs are beating him nearly every time. A subsequent pair of takedown attempts fail, and Munhoz presses forward. Caraway already elevating his leg to keep away from more damage. Munhoz in its set goes up stairs with combos of punches. Caraway wilting. He shoots within the originate for a takedown, and a kick drops Caraway. He flurries away with punches, and Tognoni steps in. It’s now not clear if the kick was once low or heavenly, however replay seems to level to an out of this world blow.

Result: Pedro Munhoz def. Bryan Caraway through TKO (strikes) – Spherical 1, 2:39
RecapPedro Munhoz outstrikes Bryan Caraway, rankings first-spherical TKO
PhotosPedro Munhoz vs. Bryan Caraway
Details: Bryan Caraway (21-9 MMA, 6-four UFC), Pedro Munhoz (17-3 MMA, 7-3 UFC)
Division: Bantamweight
Rankings: Caraway No. eleven, Munhoz No. 14
Broadcast: FS1
Referee: Chris Tognoni

Spherical 1 – Stewart paws with a jab and a low kick and attracts a combo from Shahbazyan. Rapid fingers from Stewart, and he gets taken down lickety-split. Shahbazyan placing on his relief as he tries to upward push up. And they hit the mat. Shahbazyan attempting to procure the relief, and he knees the head. Taking Stewart for a slide. Yet any other swinging knee devices up a takedown, and Shahbazyan virtually has the relief. One hook in as they each stand. Gravity now not his perfect friend, so he gets relief to his feet and punches and knees from Stewart’s relief. Stewart gets dragged to the mat and pops relief up. Shahbazyan scoops the legs, and Stewart posts an arm. He gets relief up and could per chance’t shake Shahbazyan. Backpack time for Shahbazyan, who peels off with a head kick. Stewart is slash, however seems no worse for the put on. He commits to a upright hand and straight finally ends up within the clinch. Shahbazyan pushes him relief to the fence and fires an elbow. Stewart with an elbow in end. In originate differ for a number of seconds earlier than Shahbazyan relief in to smothering in opposition to the fence. Stewart grabs the body lock over-under. Stewart with but any other elbow in end, and so that they atomize off. Shahbazyan goes high with a kick and tags Stewart. Stewart chases Shahbazyan across the cage punching with fury. Shahbazyan tries desperately to tie up his foe, then ducks under for a takedown. There, they stall, catching their breath after a frenzied first spherical. Shahbazyan is mountain climbing up on Stewart as time runs out. MMAjunkie rankings the first spherical for Shahbazyan.

Spherical 2 – Stewart counters in end, and it’s clear he’s got much less steam on his photographs. To be heavenly, so does Shahbazyan. Crazy first spherical, and Stewart traces up for a mountainous punch. Shahbazyan counters a slothful leg kick and ducks under for a takedown. Rapid shot, however cage catches him. Shahbazyan scoops the legs and takes a hook as Stewart gets up. Abet to placing on his opponent. Choke setup as Stewart turns into his opponent. knee in end and Stewart fires to the head with an elbow. as they acquire to their feet. Shahbazyan ducks again and goes for a leg. He can’t acquire it and adjusts to procure a seek for at again. Stewart bides his time, taking knees to the body. He turns to face his foe and tries to acquire free. Shahbazyan goes relief to the leg, prompting but any other sprawl. Shahbazyan right placing on, and Smith warns for action. Stewart received’t enable himself to be bullied to the mat. He hits a metamorphosis, however Shahbazyan gets to the relief and trips him to the mat. Two hooks in for Shahbazyan, and a face crank setup. Stewart waits out the crank and stands. Shahbazyan hangs on, however lets scoot of the choke space. He knees the head and smothers Stewart, who looks depressing stuffed in opposition to the cage. Time runs out, and it’s but any other one in Shahbazyan’s corner, 10-9 for the 20-18 lead.

Spherical 3 – Both fighters seek for every quite a number of cautiously. Stweart looks to acquire his fingers going. He’s pretty tentative given the takedown possibility. Shahbazyan evades a upright and ducks under for an effortless takedown. Stewart scoots to the mat and stands. Shahbazyan hangs on and gets became. Huge elbow cracks Shahbazyan, who shoots in and takes but any other elbow and knees. Shahbazyan now bleeding and on the retreat. Stewart with a upright hand and left hook, however Shahbazyan ties him as much as pause the onslaught. Down for the takedown, and Stewart fights the time out to the mat. Switch fails, and Shahbazyan gets his man to the mat for a second. Stewart relief up, and Shahbazyan hangs on. Yet any other level exchange, and Stewart escapes briefly earlier than Shahbazyan moves him relief to the fence. Two minutes left, and Smith breaks them. Shahbazyan on the retreat. Stewart sits down on a upright hand, and lands with a upright hand. Takedown fails, and Stewardt is pounding at his foe’s relief. Within the waste, he settles into guard and kilos away with punches from high space. He stands overhead as Shahbazyan turtles up. Win seems nearby, as Shahbazyan is exhausted. However then Shahbazyan ducks under as Stewart tries on closing time to corner him and land the killing blow. Stewart on his knees and tries to stand up. Shahbazyan gets to his relief and hangs on. Stewart turns away and gets taken down. Shahbazyan on his relief, and right here the struggle will quit with Stewart standing in opposition to the fence. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Stewart, and Shahbazyan takes the 29-28 name.

Result: Edmen Shahbazyan def. Darren Stewart through split resolution (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
RecapEdmen Shahbazyan uses wrestling-heavy methodology to edge previous Darren 
PhotosEdmen Shahbazyan vs. Darren Stewart
Details: Edmen Shahbazyan (eight-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Darren Stewart (9-four MMA, 2-four UFC)
Division: Middleweight
Broadcast: FS1
Referee: Mark Smith

Spherical 1 – Kim tries a straight upright early. She’s having a seek for to counter over the head with a low stance. Shevchenko’s kicks are fast. One loops over Kim’s head. Shevchenko comes relief over a punch with a straight one-two and lands effective. Kick meets Kim’s punch. Shevchenko assaults the legs as her opponent punches in. Straight left into clinch and knees for Shevchenko. Kim quiet transferring forward, having a seek for to capture. She staggers Shevchenko with a body shot, however it surely looks more a stride, and Shevchenko lickety-split recovers. Kim quiet pursuing, and Shevchenko counters along with her left hook, touchdown. Kim eats a pair of entrance kicks to the face and continues to press, prompting Shevchenko to tie up and press to the cage. Kim working around to Shevchenko’s relief in opposition to the cage. Shuttle strive now not taken, however Kim now has Shevchenko pressed in opposition to the fence. They trade knees, and Shevchenko turns her. Extra jockeying for space. Kim working knees. One minute to head, and Lavigne breaks them. Kim lunges in with heavy punches, and Shevchenko counters the next methodology with a straight left. Shevchenko again with the left, and she puts Kim on the mat with a head and arm. In judo side administration, Shevchenko holds on to the head as time runs out. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Shevchenko.

Spherical 2 – Shevchenko tries a side kick high, then goes to the leg. Shevchenko stings with a low kick, then comes relief with four punches to Kim’s one. The subsequent methodology gets the identical. Shevchenko’s straight punches are doing more damage. Kim drives in and puts Shevchenko in opposition to the fence, working knees. Lavigne warms for action. Shevchenko turns Kim in opposition to the fence, and so that they trade more knees. Kim has a leg wrapped, then presents it up. They’re broken up, and Shevchenko goes relief to work with straight assaults. Kim gets popped loads of times charging in along with her head low. Yet any other straight left heavenly. Kim getting sloppy in approaches, and Shevchenko is taking income superbly. Kim is aggressive, however she’s now not staunch. Lands within the clinch as she costs in, and Shevchenko fires off knees to the body and head. Kim caught and taking knees to the body, and an elbow to the head on the atomize. Heavy jab pops her at differ. Spinning backfists devices up three-punch combo as Kim approaches. Front kick to the face. Kim getting worked right here. She’s got quite rather a lot of heart, however she’s being outclassed. Shevchenko grabs the clinch after firing off a combo to the drawing reach Kim. She ties up the head and pulls as time runs out. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Shevchenko, who’s up 20-18.

Spherical 3 – Kim jabs in, and so that they trade leg kicks. Yet any other Kim leg kick is transformed right into a takedown for Shevchenko, who sits up and works to pass as Kim tries to isolate an arm. Punches overhead from Shevchenko, who sits up briefly. Kim controlling the wrists as Shevchenko pushes her to the cage. Kim puts a leg on the fence and then opens the guard. No longer surprisingly, Shevchenko looks much less confortable right here. Within the waste, she stands overhead and kicks the legs. She punches as Kim stands up and fires off a knee to the head that looks illegal. Lavigne steps in and forestalls the bout. Replay presentations a blatantly illegal blow, however Lavigne doesn’t procure a level. As an different, Kim gets relief to her feet, and so that they trade straight photographs earlier than Shevchenko wraps up the clinch and presses to the fence. Purchasing and selling of knees, and there’s lower than two minutes to head. Shevchenko relief to work with straighht punches. She misses on the spinning backfists and locks the plumb as they hit the cage. Kim now not giving up quite but. Shevchenko making her pay with straight punches all any other time. She’s got the perspective on a counter, however Kim pushes her in opposition to the fence and works instant punches. They trade knees with instant time. Shevchenko turns in opposition to the cage and throws more knees from the clinch till time runs out. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Shevchenko, who gets the 30-27 shutout.

Result: Antonina Shevchenko def. Ji Yeon Kim through unanimous resolution (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
RecapAntonina Shevchenko picks apart Ji Yeon Kim in UFC debut
PhotosAntonina Shevchenko vs. Ji Yeon Kim
Details: Ji Yeon Kim (eight-2-2 MMA, 2-2 UFC), Antonina Shevchenko (7-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC)
Division: Girls folk’s flyweight
Broadcast: FS1
Referee: Yves Lavigne

Spherical 1 – Glenn circles in and assaults the legs. He goes high when Aguilar ducks low, and so that they reset. Heavy kick assault early from Glenn. Aguilar fires off a left and then angles for a body kick. When Glenn comes relief, he counters with a punch. However it’s Glenn who cracks him to the chin within the next exchange, and so that they reset. Glenn misses with a step in elbow. However he’s the one main the dance to this level. Bigger work rate early on. Aguilar lunges forward and connects with a body shot. Glenn grabs a leg and tries to rework to takedown, however Aguilar gets free. Glenn slash over his left seek for. Aguilar connects with a colossal punch as he closes in subsequent. The shot wobbles him and he bakcs off. Aguilar isn’t in a shuffle to quit, on story of he’s letting Glenn clear his head. Glenn’s upright seek for, despite the truth that, is swelling shut. Yet any other Aguilar left hand finds its procedure through. Glenn jumps with a double kick and takes a shot to the body. He goes high with a kick and punches into the clinch. Aguilar beats his body and forces him to acquire out. Yet any other high kick blocked from Glenn, who takes a body shot in counter. Glenn nails a upright hook, however takes a tricky body kick. He shoots for a takedown and misses in opposition to the cage. Aguilar comes charging relief with a mix and runs out of time. MMAjunkie rankings the spherical 10-9 for Aguilar.

Spherical 2 – It feels like Glenn has an orbital damage. Aguilar finally ends up and slaps him with a left hand. Glenn pawing along with his jab and entrance kick. Aguilar swinging with energy photographs. Glenn goes high with a kick that’s blocked, and he tries to jab his procedure in. They collide as Glenn closes. Glenn shoots in again and ties up in opposition to the fence. He misses on an elbow as they disengage. They trade kicks. Extra of a tentative spherical this frame. Aguilar follows a combo with a kick. Glenn slaps him with a left. Aguilar straight to the body and he lands a rigth uppercut as Glenn closes. Glenn punches in again, and so that they each put on it. Aguilar with a kick to the body. Glenn doing his usual component, jabbing and pawing his procedure in earlier than firing off a kick or wrapping up for the clinch. Aguilar makes his existence subtle with heavy punches to protect him away. They’ve each tasted every quite a number of’s energy, so that they’re pretty more cautious. However Aguilar tags him again in end as they acquire in clinch differ, and Glenn is forced to reset. Heavy body photographs to Glenn and he takes a upright hook. He retains coming and delivers a knee. Now a firefight in end. Glenn lands a straight left and upright elbow. Within the waste, his length is beginning to pay diviends. Aguilar ties up and hangs on as time runs out. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 Aguilar, and he’s up 20-18.

Spherical 3 – Aguilar leads with a body kick and this time counters Glenn upright off the bat as he approaches. A duck under clinch on the next methodology, and Glenn has to reset. Aguilar knows he has to give Glenn an incentive to now not swarm, and he’s doing his simplest to make exercise of kicks and heavy punches to protect distance. Glenn relentless and catches him with a punch earlier than going upstairs with a kick. Heavy upright elbows hit Aguilar, who’s having a seek for worse for the put on in opposition to the cage. Glenn slaps him to the head with a kick. Glenn’s tank methodology is carrying him down. The more Aguilar stands there and trades, the more it seems to favor Glenn, who’s work rate is increased. Aguilar lands in end and takes a body kick. Glenn quiet coming. A upright hook from Aguilar drops Glenn cool. Aguilar flurries away with punches and elbows as Glenn tries to acquire home. Aguilar runs out of steam and settles into half-guard. Elbows from the head. Glenn gets to his fingers and knees and could per chance’t procure mount as Glenn scrambles. Abet to his fingers and knees, Glenn transferring nicely to keep away from the worst of Aguilar’s punishment. However he’s quiet on bottom and getting tagged with one minute left. His left seek for is kind of totally shut. He manages to acquire relief up, and Tognoni pauses them to exchange his mouthpiece. He comes relief in and gets swept by a kick. No quit as Aguilar fires relief with combos. Appropriate elbow staggers Aguilar with instant time. Aguilar shoots for a takedown and gets hip tossed. Aguilar scrambling relief as time runs out. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Aguilar in a 30-27 salvage that doesn’t level to the closeness of the action.

Result: Kevin Aguilar def. Rick Glenn through unanimous resolution (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
RecapKevin Aguilar batters a gutsy Rick Glenn in bloody fight
PhotosKevin Aguilar vs. Rick Glenn
Details: Kevin Aguilar (Sixteen-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Rick Glenn (21-6 MMA, 3-3 UFC)
Division: Featherweight
Broadcast: FS1
Referee: Chris Tognoni

Spherical 1 – Roberts works a jab and fires a entrance kick, drawing a heavy pair of hooks from Horcher. A heavy leg kick nearly sweeps Horcher, who tries to counter as Roberts explodes in with a mix. Roberts closes in and fires off an out of this world knee earlier than resetting. Horcher with a entrance kick, and he takes a low kick. Roberts finally ends up for a upright that’s blocked and takes a body shot. Horcher virtually times a upright hook; to this level, he’s been attempting to time a counter of Roberts, who’s winding up mountainous. Roberts with a knee into the clinch, and so that they atomize after a instant struggle. Heavy punches from each, however neither has the truth is linked yeet. Horcher takes a upright lead hook and seems pretty wobbled. He chases Roberts across the cage, firing heavy hooks, and could per chance’t acquire it carried out. They faucet gloves after the reset, and again, Roberts sneaks in a shot. He join with but any other upright, and so that they clinch up. Horcher turns him on the fence, and Roberts pummels for an underhook. Ear punches from Roberts, and foot stomps from Horcher. Roberts can’t seem to acquire free. Immediate elbow devices up a energy guillotine from Roberts, who virtually takes Horcher horizontal cranking on the modified grip choke. Horcher has nowhere left to head after combating for his existence, and he taps. Impressive turnaround.

Result: Roosevelt Roberts def. Darrell Horcher through submission (guillotine choke) – Spherical 1, four:50
RecapRoosevelt Roberts uses inappropriate guillotine to quit Darrell Horcher in first
PhotosRoosevelt Roberts vs. Darrell Horcher
Details: Darrell Horcher (Thirteen-four MMA, 1-3 UFC), Roosevelt Roberts (7-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC)
Division: Gentle-weight
Broadcast: FS1

Spherical 1 – Feints early from each fighters. Perez attracts a flurry of punches off a kick. He covers up and resets. Benavidez attracts a stiff counter off his possess kick, and Perez catches a apply up kick. Benavidez exploding in with punches and getting out. He kicks to the leg and Perez grabs him and tries an arm triangle. It’s now not there, so he has to give it up. Benavidez continues to assault the leg earlier than exploding in with mountainous upright fingers. He goes to the body when Perez assaults with kicks. Yet any other upright hand is heavenly and he tries his first takedown. No longer there, so he punches his procedure in, touchdown effective earlier than tying up in opposition to the fence. Knees in end, and Perez gets free. Perez goes along with his straight upright and is blocked. He’s waging a straight forward assault while Benavidez is taking half in hit and shuffle. Quickly assaults and then retreat. They trade leg kicks and then hooks, and Benavidez bowls over Perez. Enormous punches overhead, and Benavidez kilos away till it seems Perez is out. Lavigne steps in and touches them, however doesn’t pause it. Benavidez stands overhead, walking away. However the struggle is quiet happening. Perez comes relief to existence and begins to drive for a takedown. Benavidez gets to his relief and kilos away with punches. This time, it’s clear that Perez is out, and Lavigne does his job.

Result: Joseph Benavidez def. Alex Perez through TKO (strikes) – Spherical 1, four:19
RecapJoseph Benavidez rankings two TKO finishes of Alex Perez
Photos: Joseph Benavidez vs. Alex Perez
Details: Joseph Benavidez (26-5 MMA, Thirteen-3 UFC), Alex Perez (21-5 MMA, 3-1 UFC)
Division: Flyweight
Broadcast: FS1
Referee: Yves Lavigne

Spherical 1 – Smith paws along with his lead hand and kicks the lead leg of Batista, who’s got his fingers prolonged. Smith warns for prolonged fingers. Smith nails the body with a straight punch and follows with a entrance kick. The first time Smith sits down on a unpleasant, Batista ducks under and goes for the doiuble-leg. Smith elbows the side of the head, aided by the cage, however finally, he goes for a slide. In guard, Batista gets to work along with his upright hand. Smith throws his leg up and goes for a triangle. There’s too much home firstly, however he adjusts his legs and pulls the head. Correct away, Batista’s hand goes out to faucet. He briefly holds off, however finally is forced to faucet.

Result: Maurice Green def. Michel Batista through submission (triangle choke) – Spherical 1, 2:14
RecapMaurice Greene rankings slick submission of Michel Batista
PhotosMaurice Green vs. Michel Batista
Details: Michel Batista (four-1 MMA, 0-1 UFC), Maurice Green (6-2 MMA, 1-0 UFC)
Division: Heavyweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Mark Smith

Spherical 1 – Letson puts a upright hand on her foe early on and then doubles with a side kick. Stoliarenko spins right into a backfist, and the two reset after an early exchange. Letson’s left seek for pink. They’re slinging heavy leather early on, and Letson cracks with a straight left. An exchange of entrance kicks, and Letson side kicks Stoliarenko off her feet briefly. She looks to believe a crawl income early on. After firing relief early, Stoliarenko’s gallop has slowed. A scramble kick goes nowhere, and Letson closes to position fingers on course in two separate exchanges. Stoliarenko tries to position up a unpleasant with a low kick and she’s instant. Letson catches a pair of hooks when she gets pretty slothful along with her protection. Stoliarenko catching her pretty bit more on the counter. Letson with a pair of straight lefts, and she closes for the clinch in opposition to the fence. Stoliarenko fights the time out takedown, and the two trade in opposition to the fence when Letson presents up. Letson’s kicks blueprint a worth from Stoliarenko, who’s having difficulty gauging distance at differ. She connects when Letson presents her a forward-transferring design, however Letson is controlling at distance. Spherical ends, and MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Letson.

Spherical 2 – Letson is available in with a side kick to the body and then assaults with punches to the identical design. Stoliarenko working the counter, and she spins out of nowhere. Swing and a omit. Letson assaults the legs and then is available in firing. Stoliarenko misses on the counter, however she catches a leg. Can’t covert to a takedown, and the two resume their kickboxing struggle. Yet any other side kick for Letson. Stoliarenko dives within the originate and whiffs on the takedown. She closes again and attracts a number of straight photographs from Letson. Stoliarenko nearly there with a head kick, however quiet no dice. She’s a step on the relief of in exchanges. Midway through the spherical, and Letson sinks a body kick. Stoliarenko ducks under and grabs a leg for a takedown. She can’t transition and finally ends up on her relief, and Letson doesn’t desire to apply her down. Letson relief to chipping away with straight punches to the midsection and head, constructing with low kicks and her jab. Stoliarenko connects with a upright hand, which prompts Letson to value forward and fire relief in impart to acquire relief. She lands two stiff photographs and withdraws. She grabs the clinch and drives in for a takedown. Stoliarenko counters with a upright hand. They exchange with instant time, and Letson connects with a left. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Letson, placing her up 20-18.

Spherical 3 – Stoliarenko misses a head kick and doubles with a low kick that initiates a trade of punches. A bit of more aggressive this spherical, Stoliarenko is attempting to search out a intention in. Letson’s left straight is there for her when she gets end. Then the lead leg gets tagged. Stoliarenko puts a pair of upright crosses on course, and she gets repaid with a left. For every assault, Letson seems to acknowledge to double. Yet any other duck under leads to a takedown strive, and Letson sprawls out. Stoliarenko jumps for the guillotine and drops relief to the mat. She cranks with all her could per chance, and Letson hangs on. A couple of demanding seconds, however Letson presents the thumbs up. Stoliarenko can’t hang on, and Letson gets free with two minutes to head. Time to waft, and she attracts a warning for action as a slash bleeds on Stoliarenko. She moves Stoliarenko to the fence and attempts some historical ground and pound. She gets up, and Stoliarenko angles for an armbar. Letson stis relief into guard and bides her time. Tognoni hasn’t viewed ample and stands them up. Final high-tail for Stoliarenko, and Letson spins with a aptitude. That misses, and she takes a pair of punches fro Stoliarenko. A sharp exchange within the closing seconds, with neither fighter doing thousands of staunch damage. Spherical ends, and MMAjunkie rankings the closing frame 10-9 for Letson, giving her the 30-27 shutout.

Result: Leah Letson def. Julia Stoliarenko through split resolution (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Recap: Leah Letson outworks Julia Stoliarenko, takes home split resolution
PhotosLeah Letson vs. Julia Stoliarenko
Details: Leah Letson (5-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC), Julia Stoliarenko (four-3-1 MMA, 0-1 UFC)
Division: Girls folk’s featherweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Chris Tognoni

Spherical 1 – Ability lets his left hand scoot early and clips Rainey within the second exchange. He’s walking Rainey down and gets poked seeking, prompting a pause from Smith. Replay presentations a finger straight in Ability’ seek for. Ability gets upright relief to it on the restart. Rainey paws out a jab, however Ability closes and gets a body lock to raise for a takedown. Rainey blatantly grabs the fence and gets warned. Ability trips Rainey relief to the mat after Rainey manages to upward push up the usage of the fence. Ability all over the set Rainey with strike after strike. Rainey carrying all of it, and Smith closes to say a warning to switch. Seeing no vivid protection, Smith steps in, and it’s clear Rainey is out.

Result: Tim Ability def. Ricky Rainey through TKO (strikes) – Spherical 1, 1:18
RecapTim Ability steamrolls Ricky Rainey, calls out Diego Sanchez
PhotosTim Ability vs. Ricky Rainey
Details: Tim Ability (28-10-1 MMA, 10-7 UFC), Ricky Rainey (Thirteen-6 MMA, 0-2 UFC)
Division: Welterweight
Broadcast: FS1
Referee: Mark Smith

Spherical 1 – Barcelos fires a number of exploratory punches after getting his fingers slapped with a high kick. Gutierrez stays on his kicks with each males quite flat-footed. Feints from Gutierrez. Barcelos smacks Gutierrez for the first time along with his fingers, and he’s right looking at for a cause to apply up. Within the waste he is available in sizzling, and Gutierrez manages to keep away from the huge majority of it earlier than circling off. Fantastic jabs from Gutierrez, who’s doing his simplest to distract Barcelos. Tiresome reach from the Brazilian, who again exploades and lands a punch. However Gutierrez resets and potshots earlier than circling off again. Clearly, Gutierrez has watched Barcelos’ highlights, and he’s now not standing in entrance of his foe. Low kicks to frustrate the Brazilian. Barcelos takes a leg kick coming in and puts a punch on course earlier than tripping Gutierrez to the canvas. He hesitates to leap in earlier than at closing atmosphere into guard. Gutierrez attempting to hike his legs up and pause the pictures coming from overhead. Barcelos stands and kicks the legs. Gutierrez slaps him with an upkick and presents up side administration as his opponent jumps on high. Barcelos misses an reach to mount and stands overhead. Gutierrez crab walks forward earlier than deciding to stand. Barcelos closes relief in and fires off a upright hand earlier than the two quit in a staring contest. MMAjunkie rankings the frame 10-9 for Gutierrez.

Spherical 2 – Gutierrez goes relief to oblique kicks, and straight he’s on protection as Barcelos closes. Knees and feints to protect Barcelos guessing, then low kicks. Barcelos costs and initiates the clinch. Straightforward takedown, and he’s on high with quite rather a lot of time to work. Ground and pound attracts a warning from Tognoni, however apply up elbows heavenly. Gutierrez covering up and attempting to hang on. Seems like Barcelos is slash; blood all over the set Gutierrez. Extra ground and pound from Barcelos, who stands and tries to pass. In a high-tail, Gutierrez presents up his relief attempting to scoot away and finally ends up seated in opposition to the cage with Barcelos constructing for the choke. Gutierrez turns and goes to his relief in half-guard, and Barcelos works shoulder strikes. However elbows from overhead. Gentle quite rather a lot of time left. Extra punches from the Brazilian. Huge elbows now, and Gutierrez is on the final carrying it with nowhere to head in opposition to the cage. Barcelos stands up and kilos down. No longer having a seek for heavenly for Gutierrez. As Gutierrez sits up and tries to stand, Barcelos jumps on his relief and sinks the rear-naked choke in a flash. Very snappy faucet from Gutierrez, and it’s all over the set.

Result: Raoni Barcelos def. Chris Gutierrez through submission (rear-naked choke) – Spherical 2, four:12
RecapRaoni Barcelos sliced originate however submits Chris Gutierrez
PhotosRaoni Barcelos vs. Chris Gutierrez
Details: Raoni Barcelos (Thirteen-1 MMA, 2-0 UFC), Chris Gutierrez (12-four-1 MMA, 0-1 UFC)
Division: Bantamweight
Broadcast: UFC Fight Pass
Referee: Chris Tognoni

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