TUF 28 Finale: Closing Outcomes – The Official Web inform of the Closing Combating Championship

Usman went for a single-leg takedown, nonetheless dos Anjos stuffed it. Dos Anjos moved in and landed a pair hooks after a leg kick. Usman shot low and became as soon as ready to get his takedown. Dos Anjos obtained up to his toes, nonetheless Usman maintained control against the fence. After they returned to the guts of the Octagon, dos Anjos hit Usman with a blinding physique kick and attempted a flying kick, and Usman elected to wrap dos Anjos up against the cage. Usman rolled into a takedown and started his ground-and-pound assault. Dos Anjos became as soon as ready to hit Usman with an limitless up-kick in direction of the head of the spherical. 

The second spherical started with Usman pressing dos Anjos against the fence after a quick striking alternate. Usman landed just a few knees to dos Anjos’ physique forward of scoring but every other takedown, nonetheless dos Anjos became as soon as ready to land just a few elbows from elephantine guard. From the backside, dos Anjos obtained a defend of judicious one of Usman’s left arm and hunted for a kimura, nonetheless Usman pushed off the cage along with his toes to flee. Usman persisted the stress against the fence, hitting dos Anjos with a left elbow. Both opponents threw a combination of physique and head kicks to quit the spherical, nonetheless none of them hit flush.

In the third spherical, Usman persisted to press dos Anjos against the fence and ripped numerous hooks to his physique. Dos Anjos returned fire as neatly, prompting Usman to clinch dos Anjos against the cage. Dos Anjos connected with a left uppercut, and Usman returned with a pair of hooks. Usman shot for a double-leg takedown and became as soon as a hit. Usman maintained control for approximately a minute, nonetheless after they stood again up, dos Anjos connected with numerous punches that looked to stun Usman. 

The opponents stood and exchanged blows to begin up the fourth spherical, and Usman began to get the larger of dos Anjos with hooks and straight punches. He persisted to stress dos Anjos and took him down against the cage. When dos Anjos became as soon as nearly again to his toes, Usman yanked him backpedal again and kept the bottom-and-pound assault going for the rest of the spherical.

Usman hit dos Anjos with an axe kick and followed with a striaght punch that backed him up against the cage.Usman persisted to grind dos Anjos on the bottom. Dos Anjos became as soon as ready to strive a choke from the backside. Usman circled spherical to defend it, and at remaining escaped into side control, where he rained down hammer fists. Usman maintained that top control for the rest of the spherical. 

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