NASA’s director really wants Elon Musk to give up smoking weed in public – BGR

It used to be published final week that NASA will likely be conducting an investigation into the firm culture of SpaceX after concerns over Elon Musk’s behavior began to develop inside NASA’s greater management. NASA has remained moderately quiet as a ways as public statements in opposition to Musk’s stunts are fervent however that looks to be changing ever so moderately.

Speaking with reporters, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine brazenly criticized Musk and addressed the perceived drama he has been inflicting. The NASA boss used to be serious of Musk’s public persona, noting that as head man at SpaceX he is considered because the face of a community that has shut ties to NASA itself.

“I could repeat you that used to be no longer precious,” Bridenstine suggested assembled reporters at a press gathering at NASA HQ.  “And that did no longer inspire self belief, and the leaders of these organizations must clutch that let’s command of what to manufacture must you lead a firm that’s going to launch American astronauts.”

NASA promotes a drug-free atmosphere whereby its scientists and engineers are held to the highest conceivable commonplace. SpaceX has been a vastly precious associate for NASA, however launching unmanned cargo ships into explain is one factor. Sending American astronauts into explain aboard SpaceX hardware is one other, and it looks NASA goes to be a lot extra strict about how SpaceX and its CEO behave now that the firm is in the course of building vehicles to carry crew.

When requested by The Atlantic about NASA’s relationship with Musk, Bridenstine mentioned that he had personally talked with Musk. “We’ve had a range of conversations,” he defined. “I could repeat you, he is as committed to security as any one, and he understands that that used to be no longer appropriate behavior, and you won’t be seeing that again.”

Musk is an inviting personality. He’s built some groundbreaking companies and, with SpaceX, has helped push science trend in a immense manner. He furthermore clearly loves being in the spotlight, and folks two things don’t necessarily mix effectively when one in every of your biggest partners is the U.S. explain program. We’ll must seek how things pan out, however it can perhaps perhaps even be horrible if we glimpse Musk push the envelop going forward.

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