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A brand contemporary line of Funko toys would perchance well perhaps give us some interesting context for this shot from the Captain Wonder trailer.
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To paraphrase liberally from Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a Hollywood blockbuster in possession of a fair fortune has to be in desire of a Funko Pop line. Captain Wonder shouldn’t be such a exception—and its Pop vinyl toys are giving an interesting shrimp hint about the movie.

This day, Funko officially unveiled its frankly ginormous array of tie-in merchandise—across pencil toppers, key rings, cutesy shrimp vinyl toys, and more—for Captain Wonder, location to near inspire out in January of subsequent 300 and sixty five days. Amongst them, needless to disclose, are 14 contemporary and “skedaddle variant” Pop vinyls. Need a extensive headed Skrull on your lifestyles? Or a Maria Rambeau, mother to Monica, the first female Captain Wonder of the comics? Or even even a likeness of Carol’s pet cat, renamed from the Celebrity Wars reference it had within the comics (Chewie!) to what’s presumably a Prime Gun one (Goose!)? They’d well well all be yours.

So many Pops, so shrimp time.
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But hidden amongst the total facts in a attention-grabbing shrimp differentiation Funko makes between variations of Carol in her iconic crimson-and-blue supersuit, and the Kree-green model we all know is also within the movie. Within the crimson-and-blue, she’s Carol Danvers, the Mighty Captain Wonder. But within the Kree swimsuit? She’s…Vers.

Captain Wonder and…Vers?
Advise: Funko

It’s a differentiation we haven’t heard ahead of, and whether or now not or now not it’s simply a merchandise-particular notify stays to be seen (so needless to disclose, purchase all this with a liberal pinch of salt). But given what we all know about the movie’s regular premise—that Carol, after a time serving within the Kree Starforce, wreck lands inspire on Earth struggling to imprint that she supposedly has recollections of a lifestyles there ahead of she became ever on the Kree homeworld of Hala—it form of makes sense that the Kree model of her can respect an alien-ish name.

It’s presumably the one given to her when no topic came about to her recollections befell (one thing we peep in the principle trailer), due to in case your mind’s been tweaked to put out of your mind the indisputable truth that you just had been as soon as an Air Force pilot on Earth, you perchance don’t wanna be running round on a planet stuffed with of us with names cherish Mar-Vell, Yon-Rogg, Minn-Erva, Korath, or Ronan, with a reputation cherish Carol Danvers. And so, about a syllables lopped off later, she turns into Vers.

Possibly the writers would perchance well perhaps’ve taken a page out of the contemporary droll e-book retcon of her origin, and get hang of her Automobile-Ell, but that’s doubtlessly much sillier to disclose out loud in a Hollywood blockbuster and respect it are attempting to sound now not decrease than reasonably quite a lot of than “Carol.” We’ll wish to wait and look how (and if) it essentially plays into Captain Wonder when the movie hits theaters March eight, 2019.

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