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Scroll through Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram feed and likewise you can perchance uncover a number of footage of her seven-month-worn toddler girl, Factual Thompson, having a survey all heat and adorable and cuddly in a head wrap. While we belief no project with how the fact giant name chooses to costume her daughter, it seems slightly a number of her followers are no longer so cheerful.

The 34-365 days-worn fair no longer too long ago shared a portray of runt Factual having a survey adorable as will also be whereas sitting inner one of many giant name’s many Hermes Birkin baggage (casual) and carrying an animal-print head wrap. She captioned the candy post, “Nothing can alternate this worship.”

There were masses of coronary heart-scrutinize emojis in the commentary piece, clear, but some accused the contemporary mom of hiding her daughter’s hair, with some followers going to this level as to command that Khloe desires to be “ashamed” of Factual’s look.

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Per Stylecaster, one fan wrote, “BUT why continuously received her in head rag?? Attain on now let her hair breathe … what ya ashamed of Khloe I imply ALWays received her head wrapped Dang!!!” Yet every other added, “Very adorable toddler but what is with the hair wrap the whole time??????”

The assumption that the fact giant name is ashamed of Factual’s look is, at most animated, utterly ridiculous. She clearly enjoys dressing her daughter up, as her six Halloween costumes proved this 365 days.

Besides, runt Factual doesn’t best wear head wraps, she’s been known to substitute things up every now after which, carrying bows, hats, headbands, and seemingly, she’s used her natural hair, too. 

Kardashian has been the victim of many instances of mom-shaming since welcoming Factual serve in April. Confidently, she doesn’t let the critics withhold her from sharing extra treasured footage of her daughter.

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