The place to Promote Pelts and Skins in Crimson Tiresome On-line – Crimson Tiresome Redemption 2 Wiki Data – IGN

Crimson Tiresome On-line‘s hunting draw drastically differers from the single-player version, and how you lag about selling pelts isn’t excluded from that. In case you are procuring for the Crimson Tiresome On-line Trapper locations, you’ll be gratified to know that Crimson Tiresome On-line (as of the beta) does not maintain a trapper.

As an different, you’ll are trying to promote your pelts to any Butcher in Crimson Tiresome On-line. In case you gape on the pelt merchandise description you’ll to find it would not mention anything else about crafting. Crafting with animal pelts, skins, and most aspects isn’t a characteristic in Crimson Tiresome On-line, so lag ahead and promote these carcasses as you hunt them.


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