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This net page lists the requirements wanted for a hundred% Completion in IGN’s Purple Tiring Redemption II Walkthrough. Take a look at out more of our walkthrough to full the fable, to boot to our Strangers net page for particulars on these eccentric characters.

RDR2 would no longer require you to get and full every thing to attain a hundred% completion, and this net page particulars the total boxes you desire to check to attain that honor.

If you are unexcited having danger, our RDR2 Interactive Blueprint could unexcited attain in to hand.

Class Objectives
Missions & Events 5 Objectives to Total
Collectables 10 Kinds of Collectables to Rep
Compendium 7 Issues to Stare
Participant 3 Objectives to Acheive
Miscellaneous 9 Odds and Ends to Attain

Missions & Events[edit]

  • Total the total missions within the considerable fable.
  • Total missions for 10 Strangers.
  • Like 25 likelihood encounters, which could be events that happen randomly to you within the course of your travels. Wait on a stranger fend off wild animals or befriend a particular person into town with a plod.
  • Continue to exist a gang ambush.
  • Retract all six gang hideouts within the course of the arena.






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