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[Warning:thisfablecontainsspoilersfortheJanthirteenepisodeofOutlander, “If Now now not for Hope.”]

A unusual relationship has blossomed on Outlander, however it be now not one who any of the characters could well hang seen coming.

In Sunday’s episode, “If Now now not For Hope,” Brianna (Sophie Skelton) started to if truth be told feel the stress from Aunt Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy) to obtain a loyal husband, and immediate, sooner than the toddler came. Bree could well maybe now not hang a baby out of wedlock as it could well most likely well doom the toddler to forever live with out a compatible title and honor, despite her having been handfast with Roger (Richard Rankin).

Fearing she place now not hang a different within the matter (and luminous regarded as one of Aunt Jocasta’s guests used to be able to make a proposal), Bree became desperate. Lord John Grey (David Berry) surprisingly showed as a lot as River Bustle to register on her at Jamie’s (Sam Heughan) demand, and so when she witnessed him in a slack-night tryst with one other man, she determined to blackmail him into turning into engaged to her to fend off any other suitors.

Their kindly relationship temporarily grew to turn out to be adversarial as Lord Grey went toe-to-toe with Bree, however he saw through her bravado and they also ended up confiding in every other about their “grievous” secrets. He agreed to an engagement till they came upon for sure what came about to Roger. While their engagement would be for screen for now, the ruse finest succeeds in bringing these two unlikely pals closer together. It be a relationship fully born out of Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn, upon which this season of Outlander is essentially essentially based, and it be one the producers could well maybe now not wait to carry to life.

“All of us savor, within the books, the Brianna-Lord John relationship. It be so unfamiliar,” executive producer Maril Davis tells The Hollywood Reporter. “This episode is loyal the starting of that, and it be so special because Lord John has this shut relationship with Jamie, however now not as shut with Claire [Caitriona Balfe]. There are so significant of mixed emotions there. With Brianna, Lord John sees a mixture of Jamie and Claire and somebody he could well maybe also merely furthermore be shut with and has a kinship with, however with out the baggage.”

But the scene by which Bree tries to force Lord John into an engagement used to be more challenging to carry to life onscreen than it appears to be like to be on the online page attributable to the restricted time by which the producers needed to plan Bree and Lord John’s dynamic.

“We in actuality wanted to strive to take that, however it be advanced because, as you saw, she tried to blackmail him, the unhappy guy,” Davis says. “That scene, we tried to stroll a line because you light favor to fancy Brianna. You is susceptible to be pulling for Lord John in that scene the set up she calls him out and tries to construct up him to full what she wants, however at the cease, you if truth be told feel fancy they are able to portion things with every other and be susceptible. She knows his secrets and he knows hers. That is the beginning up of this bond between them.”

Reducing down the amount of time Bree and Lord John exercise together naturally meant letting streak of some of Gabaldon’s writing, however it used to be essential to streamline the fable, Davis says.

“We tried to put off the spirit of the scene, however the reason used to be, you’ve Brianna who’s awfully panicked and backed right into a corner. The stress is de facto on for her,” Davis says. “We didn’t hang unlimited time to make as a lot as this 2nd, and on this episode specifically, she knows somebody is set to propose to her 24 hours after assembly her, she knows how her aunt feels and the societal pressures of an unwed mother. We wanted to construct as a lot as the level the set up she and Lord John are kindred spirits and they also’re on this wander together now.”

In varied areas within the episode, the fable took one other flip from the source arena matter attributable to Murtagh’s (Duncan Lacroix) continued survival onscreen. The personality used to be supposed to die final season, however the Outlander producers granted him a reprieve and hang continued to obtain ways to integrate him into the fable. This week, Murtagh ended up on a mission, dictated by Jamie, to obtain Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) and avenge what he did to Bree. 

“The topic with conserving a personality alive within the screen that is now not alive within the book is that every regarded as one of a sudden it’s good to maybe originate fable for them that didn’t exist sooner than,” Davis says. “Usually that takes away from other characters or generally it strikes fable in a varied intention. We wanted something for Murtagh to full, and it felt fancy Jamie, as he’s off to gaze Roger, would assignment his godfather with tracking down Bonnet.”

Murtagh almost had him, too. But because he will be wanted by the British for working with the Regulators, a edifying team of North Carolina colonists who adversarial the taxation and fee intention imposed by colonial officials within the slack 1760s, Murtagh used to be apprehended alongside Bonnet. Seeing regarded as one of many heroes within the identical boat because the villain used to be a blow to each and each followers of the books and folks that have not read them, as Murtagh’s destiny is fully unknown.

“Sadly Murtagh also has a stamp on his head because we determined he would in all likelihood hang sided with the Regulators,” Davis explains. “There is now not plenty to tease excluding for will he dangle or is now not going to he? The identical for Bonnet as neatly. We hang been if truth be told infected to glimpse these two characters portion some scenes, because we didn’t know how it could well most likely well flip out as clearly Murtagh is now not alive within the books at this level.”

Outlander also continued to leave followers wanting extra by showing loyal a sliver of Roger’s destiny. He didn’t struggle in the course of the stones, as teased in final week’s episode, however he’s now not significant . In actual fact, he used to be captured by the Mohawk once more and marched the total intention to their village of Shadow Lake. After taking a pair of extra beatings, he used to be knocked out.

“Roger’s wander has now not been a easy one and could well maybe merely proceed to now not be easy,” Davis says with fun. “He’s had reasonably a fraught few months. Roger’s been through so significant, so many misunderstandings, and how does this if truth be told swish, genteel professor take care of this create of hardship? He at this level thinks all is lost for him.”

In next week’s hour, query to glimpse a “tour de force” from Roger as he spirals, pondering he has no hope at ever getting support to Bree. 

“He gave up his likelihood to struggle in the course of the stones because he loves Brianna,” Davis says. “He’s now questioning that savor because for all he knows, who he assumes is her father beat him senseless and sold him off to the Mohawk so he’s having doubts. We uncover these doubts additional and that for even a fine guy fancy Roger, a depressed night of the soul, what’s he going to full? Is he going to carry to strive to construct up support to Brianna?”

Outlander airs Sundays at eight p.m. on Starz.

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