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On October Eight, 2018, Google launched that it became sooner or later planning to shut down Google+ for customers. The normal date for the shutdown became speculated to capture space one day in August 2019, but following a knowledge breach in December, that time fram became moved as a lot as April.

Now, we non-public got affirmation from Google that Google+’s closing day will be April 2.

Optimistically that you just would possibly perhaps non-public gotten already been planning for Google+’s closure by now must that you just would possibly perhaps non-public gotten quiet been the utilize of the social community, but if no longer, April 2 is the day that Google’s going to launch up wiping the positioning tidy of client hiss material.

Per a weblog post on Google Cloud:

Initiating April 2, 2019, we are in a position to shut down your Google+ memoir and any pages you created, and we’ll launch up deleting hiss material from client Google+ accounts. Photos and videos from Google+ in your Album Archive and your Google+ pages will furthermore be deleted. While you happen to can non-public gotten Google+ hiss material that you just would lift to place, you need to to hand over so sooner than April 2nd.

As Google’s acknowledged sooner than, Google+ is quiet staying around for mission utilize. This means that must that you just would possibly perhaps non-public gotten a Google+ memoir by G Suite, you will quiet be ready to defend it up the utilize of it like fashioned.

Lastly, APIs for the positioning will be shutting down on March 7. Main as a lot as then, Google does warn that “intermittent API failures” will occur.

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