Tetris ninety 9, a Battle Royale Tetris, Announced for Nintendo Swap – IGN


Where we shedding the l-block?

A recent battle royale is coming, but you’ll must sharpen your Tetris abilities to dwell on amongst the pack.

Nintendo revealed Tetris ninety 9 in the end of its Feb. thirteen Explain, which is ready to be readily accessible later this day as a free-to-play game for Nintendo Swap On-line contributors.

Tetris ninety 9 sees ninety 9 avid gamers competing in a game of Tetris — ending lines will cause blocks to acquire up the screens of opponents. Form your most efficient to prevent your screen from filling up and persevere as the crowd of ninety 9 avid gamers is whittled down every time to real one winner.

Tetris ninety 9, naturally, positive aspects online competitive play, and could well fair characteristic upcoming events to acquire up the abilities new.

Tetris ninety 9 is, clearly, no longer the handiest latest surprise battle royale game. Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends, which positive aspects first-particular person shooting as a replacement of 2D puzzle block building, launched as a free-to-play abilities last week, and has viewed impressive participant counts since its originate.

For more, guarantee that to check out the remainder of our Feb. thirteen Nintendo Explain protection.

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