Psychonauts 2’s first story trailer premieres at The Recreation Awards 2018 – Polygon

On the 2018 Recreation Awards, Double Comely and Starbreeze showed off the first story-essentially based fully trailer for Psychonauts 2. Whereas there is about a light gameplay shown toward the tip of the trailer, the important focus is on introducing the Motherlobe, a secret fortress of thoughts secrets that the sequel looks to condominium.

This trailer makes one among the few appearances of Psychonauts 2 in the final year, with the final precise info across the game popping up final year, when it used to be delayed previous 2018. Despite a newly announced 2019 window, we currently possess microscopic else to creep off on when this long-awaited recreation will open. Nonetheless, it does seem that the thirteen-year watch for a sequel to the liked, quirky, psychological adventure recreation will in the break technique to an discontinuance soon.

Psychonauts 2 is anticipated to open one day in 2019. This all comes after the recreation’s winning backing on Fig aid in 2016. Backers pledged 3.eight million bucks toward the long awaited sequel, surpassing the backing aim by $500,000.

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