‘Huge Mario Bros.’ theme is a killer song for a gymnastics routine – Mashable

Video game song is a largely (but now no longer totally!) untapped cherish trove for the gymnasts of the enviornment.

Brigham Young University gymnast Shannon Hortman-Evans took to the ground on Friday night to invent an spectacular routine at a meet against the University of Utah — to the tune of the Huge Mario Bros. theme.

Sadly, the song is a tiny bit exhausting to hear over the commentators, but you could perchance silent acquire tiny items of it here and there, including some substances of the key theme, coin noises, and the tune that performs when Mario grabs a Huge Star.

Your complete thing feels cherish a accurate-existence version of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Video games. The handiest thing we’re lacking is a bunch of Toads and Bothered Guys cheering Hortman-Evans on within the stands.

Even though we cannot hear loads of the song, the routine itself is spectacular ample to withhold the moment. Evans scored a 9.900 out of 10 with all those flips, jumps, and moves.

Optimistically it would inspire some more video game-essentially essentially based floor routines. Per chance any individual could perchance have interaction on the haunting Halo theme subsequent.


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