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There were many helpful sport reveals at The Game Awards this year, including a fresh Some distance Bawl sport as smartly as Wonder Final Alliance 3 for the Nintendo Swap. Yet another sport that has been printed at The Game Awards is a pirate sport created by Ark: Survival Evolved developer called Atlas. Atlas is an commence world MMO and this shall be available on Steam as soon as next week.

As will also be seen in the display trailer below, Atlas is equal to one other pirate sport launched this year, Sea of Thieves, where gamers must work collectively to man and adjust ships and battle in opposition to both the ambiance and other crews in the game. From the trailer, it also looks that gamers can fetch to the streets in primary play, fetch into bar brawls, hunt for treasure, and plod diving. In Atlas, gamers are inspired to work collectively to fabricate huge armadas and convey territory to at last strive to fetch over your total world.

The Atlas display trailer also reveals off some crazy creatures that gamers will near upon in the game, akin to a huge hammerhead shark, multi- and single-headed dragons, and a few form of a fireplace demon in diverse locations around the game world. Atlas also boasts the flexibility to seize forty,000 gamers in its commence world arrangement, which is set 1,200 times bigger than what the ARK: Survival server might seize, so the game is dawdle to invent gamers with a spread of playtime.

While Atlas will handiest be available on Steam initially, this might debut on consoles with the Xbox preview program at some level finally. Sea of Thieves modified into once a helpful hit among gamers and it surpassed Microsoft’s sale expectations, so for gamers that must continue the pirate lifestyles, with any luck Atlas is rarely any longer going to disappoint.

Atlas shall be available for PC in early fetch admission to on December 13 and is also in pattern for Xbox One.

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