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By Dennis Romero

President Trump and California Gov. Gavin Newsom traded tweets Wednesday over federal funding for the tell’s scaled-relief bullet declare mission.

“California has been forced to kill the wide bullet declare mission after having spent and wasted many billions of bucks,” Trump stated. “They owe the Federal Authorities three and a half billion greenbacks. We need that a refund now.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom discusses the results of an investigation that stumbled on Pacific Gas & Electrical modified into as soon as no longer accountable for the Tubbs Fireplace, in Sacramento, Calif on Jan. 24, 2019.Rich Pedroncelli / AP file

The mission modified into as soon as no longer canceled.

At his first Explain of the Explain deal with since taking trouble of labor Jan. 7, Newsom stated Tuesday that the below-construction transportation mission, which has viewed projected costs better than double, can be restricted for now to a route from Merced to Bakersfield in the Central Valley.

“The mission, as in the interim deliberate, would fee too well-known and declare too prolonged,” the governor stated Tuesday. “There’s been too tiny oversight and no longer ample transparency. Factual now, there merely isn’t a course to rating from Sacramento to San Diego, no longer to thunder from San Francisco to L.A. I need there were.”

Responding to Trump, Newsom accused the president of “desperately browsing” for cash to fund his proposed wall alongside the Southwest border.

“Faux news,” Newsom tweeted. “We’re building excessive-poke rail, connecting the Central Valley and former. Here’s CA’s cash, dispensed by Congress for this mission. We’re no longer giving it relief.”

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