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by Elizabeth Kayser |

A juvenile Hawaiian monk seal changed into as soon as chanced on with a seen eel in its nose at French Frigate Shoals in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands this previous summer (Photo: NOAA Fisheries/Brittany Dolan).

A Hawaiian Monk Seal changed into as soon as seen with an eel stuck in its nose.

In response to a put up on the Hawaiian Monk Seal Be taught Program’s Fb page, the phenomenon is just not odd, having reported on such sightings several events over the years.

“Yet, our researchers bear seen this phenomenon three or four events now,” says a put up on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration internet residing. “We fabricate not know if here is magnificent some odd statistical anomaly or if we are able to seek extra eels in seals in some unspecified time in the future.”

NOAA also acknowledged the seals recurrently forage by shoving their mouth and nose into the crevasses of coral reefs, under rocks or into the sand. They acknowledged seals are namely making an strive to receive prey that hides, treasure eels.

This relate case would per chance well had been the motive of the seal swallowing the eel and then regurgitating it the infamous device or, the eel attempting to defend itself when it changed into as soon as attempting to gain away.

“We will also never know,” NOAA acknowledged online.

The eels bear successfully been eradicated from the seals in all caught cases, on the opposite hand, the eel has never made it.

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