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Ouch. Ricky Williams dominated down the stretch in Celeb Monumental Brother, winning the final two Head of Home competitions moreover the final veto difficulty. But in the head, he couldn’t even score a single jury vote for his efforts. Ricky became as soon as shut out towards Tamar Braxton, who gained the season unanimously whereas the outdated Heisman winner and NFL necessary particular person became as soon as left with the $50,000 runner-up prize.

How does Ricky in actuality feel about being swept? Does he regret not taking Dina Lohan or Lolo Jones to the head as one more? And what does he fabricate about Lolo calling him out to Julie Chen after he evicted her? We requested Ricky all that and additional dazzling an hour after he stepped out of the dwelling.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You dominated in competitions down the stretch so why discontinue you suspect Tamar gained, and gained unanimously?
RICKY WILLIAMS: Yeah, that’s an even quiz. Honestly, I don’t know. I’m decided I’ll mirror on it in the next couple of days and test out to shut wait on up with an answer. But Tamar is an efficient wanting human being, a mountainous persona. And she or he talked about it in her speech, she became as soon as in all areas, nevertheless she came wait on to kindness. And she or he saved us laughing, and she became as soon as dazzling a pleasure to be around.

Which votes enormously bowled over you the most?
To be dazzling, after I sat down and checked out the jury, I started doing the mathematics. And none of them enormously bowled over me. I extra or much less went thru my head and totally different exchanges that I had with all individuals, and it dazzling made sense to me that they would all vote for Tamar.

You didn’t think they would respect the fact that you just were the sort of possibility so early in the game? You had participants take care of Tom Inexperienced, it became as soon as his mission to score you out, couldn’t discontinue it, and likewise you’re winning all the pieces down in the stretch. You didn’t think that could presumably score his vote?
I didn’t. I didn’t. I didn’t imagine it. But, likely the most things that Lola and I talked about quite a bit these past couple of days is, you don’t are eager to score blood for your fingers because it’ll wound you in the final vote. And I didn’t imagine it. But I have confidence participants are aloof emotional regarding the vogue the game became as soon as played and what came about. So, it is colorful to me.

Ricky, you’re an enticing cat, because you’re very even-keeled. Yet at the identical time, you’re a big, mountainous time competitor. In actuality competitive. So dazzling lift me thru the vogue you’re feeling now. I mean, I know on some level you will absorb to be extra or much less bummed to have not gained, dazzling situation off you’re the sort of competitive man, dazzling?
I have confidence what I’m bummed regarding the most is I felt take care of I had righteous connections and conversations with many participants in the dwelling, and that none of them modified into correct into a vote. It’s a petite bit little bit of a bummer. But honestly, and I talked about it quite a bit at some stage in the present and Joey talked about it simplest, he talked about simplest one particular person can capture, nevertheless all individuals performs a position to your total chronicle. And the fact that I purchased in actuality shut with Tamar, and we had heaps of improbable conversations. I in actuality feel although she’s the substantial champion, that I contributed to her being there, and that feels dazzling to me.

How discontinue you suspect you can’ve performed towards Lolo Jones or Dina Lohan as soon as you had brought one of them to the head in location of Tamar?
It’s laborious to answer to that quiz because that notion by no manner crossed my mind. And coming all of the manner down to the final two, their consideration of what number of votes that I would score, it honestly by no manner crossed my mind. It in actuality didn’t. I’m a competitor, and I cherished to compete extra than I after all cherished to capture.

You tried to manufacture a address Lolo for the final two. She talked about no. Had she talked about yes, would she were sitting next to at the head?
Successfully, had she talked about yes, the deal became as soon as, and I wasn’t going to compete, I wasn’t going to lift a investigate cross-check at to capture, and I’d let her and Tamar fight it out in hopes that whichever one of them gained would bring me with them to the final two. So both manner, even in that scenario, Tamar beat Lolo in the in the final HOH. So it could well well presumably were the identical ending, moreover I wouldn’t absorb gained on the final HOH. So, I after all cherished this ending. Equivalent to you talked about, I’ve bought a couple of mountainous wins. The final two Head of Households. And I purchased to sit down down next to one of my closest allies and chums in the dwelling and be a portion of her winning. And I score an even dimension test to head dwelling with myself. So, it became as soon as an even skills and a pleased ending for many participants.

I don’t even know as soon as you perceive this yet — because you’ve simplest been out of the dwelling an hour as we’re speaking — nevertheless when Lolo bought out of the dwelling, she talked about to Julie that you just made a mountainous thing in there about eager to be chums with participants outdoor of the game, nevertheless then she didn’t know if she could well presumably now be chums with you after what you potentially did in removing her. What discontinue you fabricate of that?
Drowsing on totally different aspect of the room from Lolo I purchased one more to score to perceive her, and I’m not enormously bowled over by it. I after all respect her and I have confidence she’s a fierce and an even wanting competitor. And hopefully, she alters her mind. But if not, I after all absorb to respect that.

Is there something you can exchange regarding the vogue you played in there?
There’s not one thing that I would exchange regarding the vogue I played. Yet again, I’m a competitor and I take care of to compete, and I wasn’t playing to capture. I became as soon as making an are attempting to compete, to play my sport, and to play a sport that my formative years and my partner can delight in with. And I in actuality feel take care of I’ve carried out all of those things.

How discontinue you compare this skills to the one on Celeb Apprentice?
The Celeb Apprentice skills in actuality willing me for this skills. I’ve learned so unheard of about myself and my leadership vogue, and I took the total lessons from Celeb Apprentice into this and it helped me halt up as the amount two in this sport. So, dazzling realizing that I’m a deep introvert and that if I are eager to capture in a social sport, I after all absorb to discontinue something to shut wait on out of my shell and fabricate righteous connections with participants. And I have confidence I became as soon as in a position to discontinue that, and that’s why I became as soon as in a position to outlive goodbye.

I be conscious we requested you sooner than you went into the dwelling and likewise you brought that up. You talked about, listen, here goes to be the hardest thing for me. I’m an introvert. Possess been there parts at cases in the dwelling the attach you were dazzling extra or much less playing your solitude and being alone and likewise you talked about, listen, score your ass up. Flow seek the advice of with participants.
Oh, so ceaselessly. On a each day foundation. I mean, if I’m being dazzling, I’m an introvert, nevertheless mostly extra or much less a deeper thinker. And likely the most things that I had to conquer became as soon as my hate of petite talk about. And so, I had to decide on in petite talk about extra than I’m pleased with. And cases the attach I became as soon as playing the peace and aloof in my hold room. You score this eerie feeling take care of, someone’s potentially talking about me. Over and over I jumped up and began to stroll around and procure someone to seek the advice of with.

Whom did you halt up getting closest to in the dwelling?
I have confidence Natalie. Natalie and Tamar. Natalie, till she left, and as soon as Natalie left, Tamar and I grew closer.

Possess been you in a position to absorb any of those deeper discussions that I know you take care of to absorb?
I had heaps of them. Tamar and I had some extremely deep conversations, as did Natalie and myself. And I did with Lolo. Even Kandi. And I tried to with Dina, nevertheless yeah. [Laughs]

Ample talked about.

How did it in actuality feel to score out of that dwelling? I noticed you flee over and all of a surprising you’re making out on stage. Clearly, you had an even time in there, nevertheless a ultimate greater time getting out.
Yeah, I’m expecting getting dwelling and entering my hold mattress. It’s good to absorb some freedom and peruse totally different participants. And particularly my partner and my son. It feels wide to be out.

Will you imagine any of this season playback? I mean you lived it. Will you sail wait on and imagine any of the episodes, you suspect?
I potentially gained’t. I’ll score the play by play from my partner and my son. And if there’s something that they suspect I must imagine, I’ll potentially test that out.

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