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Foxborough, MA— For the unhappy, misplaced souls on the Los Angeles Chargers sideline, this must had been what it became as soon as purchase to be a farmer in 1831, the first time you saw Mr. McCormick’s reaping machine war via a wide field of wheat. Sleek England coach Bill Belichick dipped deeply into the dark magic that is his in direction of the midwinter months and, his staff having won the toss, he elected to catch the outlet kickoff, which is no longer something he does very generally. San Diego kicked off and Sleek England’s James Develin muffed the knuckler out of bounds at the Patriots 17-yard line. 

And that’s when the mammoth blades began to dart.

Relentlessly and mercilessly, the Patriots held the ball for over seven minutes. They ran 14 plays. Tom Brady threw eight passes and executed six of them. Rookie working reduction Sony Michel, whom we can get to anon, ran for 16 yards. James White, the different working reduction, caught five passes. In the end, Michel cracked over the left side of the line and Sleek England had a 7-0 lead. San Diego came reduction and tied the sport on its first possession, but then the enormous blades began to grind and sever as soon as more. Brady executed four in a row and Michel broke loose for a 14-yard landing. At 14-7, the sphere already became as soon as having a possess rather certain the overall reach to Kansas Metropolis next week.

The game ended up at Forty one-28, but Sleek England’s right margin of superiority a long way exceeded its margin of victory. Final week, the Chargers threw seven or eight defensive backs at Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson on each and every play and fully befuddled the rookie for three-and-a-half quarters. They tried something similar on Sunday. On the different hand, when Jackson became as soon as born in January of 1997, Brady became as soon as buried on the depth chart of a Michigan staff that won the nationwide championship. You can well well also fair private seen that several issues private took place of residing in Brady’s occupation since then. He wasn’t going to get fooled by practically all these shenanigans. He simply riddled the L.A. secondary with slants and out-routes to Julian Edelman, who caught nine passes for 151 yards, and with flips and monitors to his backs, particularly White, who caught 15 for ninety seven yards, tying an NFL playoff checklist for receptions.

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“They play tons of zone,” said White. “So, as working backs, we private tons of opportunities to safe the football, so you are looking to safe the ball, and get vertical, and get as many yards as that it is possible you’ll well well perhaps.”

“I became as soon as awaiting to observe [Brady’s] easiest this day,” said Los Angeles coach Anthony Lynn. “It’s playoff time and he’s been right here earlier than and he’s one in all the finest that’s ever been out on that football field.” As is his wont, Belichick became as soon as equally massive.

“We bought factual performances from each and every dwelling,” he said. “I’d must roam reduction and watch at the movie but we obviously we did tons of factual issues in all three areas.” Any individual get a firehose and funky that man down.

By halftime, with the Patriots main, 35-7, it became as soon as straightforward that Los Angeles had no Conception B. They were simply going to get chipped and chopped and threshed to smithereens for the remainder of the afternoon and there became as soon as entirely nothing they might maybe even fair attain about it. It became as soon as this kind of thoroughgoing demolition that Tom Brady, of all living souls, determined to unhappy-mouth his staff on nationwide tv.

“All people thinks we suck and might maybe maybe well well no longer purchase any video games,” Brady told Tracy Wolfson of CBS. In point of truth, Tom. Accumulate a knee, mammoth guy. But the indisputable truth that he became as soon as loose ample to crack vivid at the cease of the sport became as soon as a factual indication that he in a roundabout plot has the model of weapons with which Brady is most chuffed.

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“You can well well also’t be one-dimensional in practically all these video games,” he said later. “It’s too tricky against too many factual teams. You get up to now and there’s puny or no margin for error and also you’re going to must be factual in all phases, and now we must attain it as soon as more.”

“Every week is diversified,” James White said. “We assault each and every defense a diversified reach. It might maybe perhaps probably probably be that any individual has a mammoth game one week and the following week, you get two targets. So what? You fair correct exit there and play and hope you get a purchase.”

In point of truth, the Patriots, now rested and reasonably damage-free, dwell a unhealthy opponent in a one-and-executed format. One amongst the causes they’ve change into so is the improvement of a more than decent energy working game. “You understand, we went puny, indulge in we did closing week some, but that working game became as soon as fair correct too bodily,” Lynn said. And one in all the mammoth causes for that improvement is the rookie from Georgia, who had himself a podium 2d on Sunday.

He took the rostrum having a possess indulge in a one that’d climbed down off the thresher—yellow plaid shirt and denim jacket. Sony Michel didn’t get great post-game podium time this year; he’s a rookie, and newbies don’t get podium time in Foxborough. (Frequently, they are wrong for being restful.) Early in his occupation, Brady eschewed the rostrum, thinking it pretentious and that it served to elevate himself unacceptably from his teammates. This went on till the crowds around his locker became too mammoth for his rapid neighbors to dress themselves. On the different hand, Michel earned himself a podium 2d on Sunday.

What has change into certain over the closing couple of months of the season is that Michel is the X-element on this version of the Patriots. Against Los Angeles, he carried the ball 24 cases for 129 yards and three touchdowns. “I in actuality tackle Sony as a particular person and for his dedication to the staff,” Brady said. “He’s been tons of relaxing to be out there with. He’s making tons of traumatic yards and he had a massive game this day.”

At 5’eleven” and 215 pounds, Michel runs with aesthetic energy. “He’s bought massive imaginative and prescient,” said Sleek England guard Shaq Mason. “You can well well also gaze him carry out these puny strikes.” Defenders incessantly get a orderly shot at him and, when they attain, he bounces off them, continuously transferring ahead. Despite his three touchdowns, Michel’s signature 2d came in the 2d quarter. With eight minutes left in the half, and Sleek England’s having built a 21-7 lead, Michel chanced on a lane at the reduction of Mason who’d sealed off the overall middle of the Charger defense. He waited for middle David Andrews to get downfield to tackle a security after which took off for 40 yards till Derwin James caught him from at the reduction of.

“It’s all about have faith and patience,” said Michel. “You understand, we’ve bought to private faith that the coach is looking the finest play imaginable and that guys are going to elevate pleasure in executing the play—the offensive line, the receivers, that all people goes to attain their job.

“The 40-yard flee? It became as soon as all caused by the enormous blocking that took place of residing, from the offensive linemen to the receivers, doing their jobs, and it became as soon as a wide-beginning gap. Anybody might maybe maybe well well private flee via it. There in actuality wasn’t any the reason why I couldn’t private scored, but it played out indulge in it played out. There are massive gamers on the different side of the ball, and they made a massive play, but it became as soon as a massive staff accomplish.”

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When the Patriots drafted Michel closing spring, he came into the league with a recognition for fumbling, and fumbling in Sleek England is no longer going to get you podium moments. It might maybe perhaps probably well well get you bus residing moments. Ball security, they are saying in Foxborough, is job security. So Michel came into his first expedient season with reasonably tons of eyes having a possess sideways at him. And, over 200-weird carries this year, he has fumbled as soon as.

“He’s been staunch Eddie,” said Matthew Slater, the Sleek England special-teams captain and the closest element the staff has to a non-Brady spokesperson. “Sony’s been a welcome boost, a massive puny one. He fair correct keeps his head down and works traumatic and it’s fine to observe that traumatic work pay off. He’s a mammoth section of what we attain, as you saw this day.”

On Michel’s 1/Three landing, he disappeared into the line at the Los Angeles five-yard line. The pile, on the different hand stored transferring indulge in one mammoth ball of vitality. Develin and Employ Gronkowski were blasting away in front of him, while Mason and Marcus Cannon and a pair of other folks were shoving away at the reduction of. In a roundabout plot, Michel popped out orderly in the cease zone. There had been about seven Patriots who deserved credit for the landing—the ballcarrier and the ballcarrier carriers.

“Hiya,” said Cannon. “It’s a staff game, factual?” And also that it is possible you’ll well well perhaps practically feel the mammoth blades spinning, tranquil and ceaseless, for one other week at the least.

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