Girl dies from brain-drinking amoebas after using neti pot – WTVD-TV


A Sixty 9-one year-susceptible Seattle lady died from what doctors acknowledged they deem had been uncommon brain-drinking amoebas.

The affected person, who underwent brain surgical treatment at Swedish Medical Heart, had former faucet water to rinse her sinuses using a neti pot. Her doctor informed The Seattle Instances there modified into as soon as “amoeba all around the build comely drinking brain cells.”

A neti pot is a teapot-respect vessel former to flush out nasal passages. Effectively being specialists counsel simplest using distilled, sterile or boiled water to rinse sinuses. The water can have minute organisms that are proper to drink nevertheless can live to inform the tale for your nasal passages.

These infections are very uncommon. There had been three the same cases in the U.S. from 2008 to 2017.

An Ohio child died from a brain-drinking amoeba infection after visiting the
U.S. Nationwide Whitewater Heart in Charlotte in June of 2017.

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