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Samsung’s subsequent-gen smartphone lineup — which is prepared to reportedly encompass four clear devices — will officially be unveiled at a particular Unpacked tournament scheduled to happen in San Francisco on February 20. Whereas it’s been some time since we’ve been wowed with a Galaxy unveiling, Samsung’s upcoming S10 lineup undoubtedly presents plenty of promise and will confidently inject a tiny of pleasure into a smartphone landscape that has been a tiny uneventful as of unhurried.

Whereas it goes without announcing that nothing is a hundred% legit till Samsung announces it, it’s broadly believed that Samsung’s upcoming S10 lineup will encompass an S10 Lite model a 5.Eight-high-tail display, an 6.1-high-tail S10, a nearer 6.four-high-tail S10+, and final but now not least, an S10+ model with constructed-in enhance for 5G. Per customary, plenty of what we can ask from Samsung’s upcoming S10 lineup has already leaked, but there are smooth about a details that now stay awake within the air.

In gentle of that, Max Weinbach over the weekend printed a series of tweets which purport to sigh us what form of memory and storage configurations we can ask from Samsung’s subsequent-gen smartphone lineup. Whereas we’ve seen such reviews before, Weinbach’s figures — which he claims accumulate been corroborated by three diversified sources — appear to differ ever so a tiny from some old reviews we’ve seen.

So let’s dive smartly matched in.

Per Weinbach, storage alternatives on Samsung’s S10 lineup will peep esteem this.


S10 Lite: 128GB
S10: 128GB/256GB
S10+: 128GB/256GB/512GB
S10+ 5G: 256GB/512GB/1TB
Folding phone (now not a hundred% certain): 512GB/1TB

One distinction from Weinbach’s sources and old rumors entails the upper-tier S10 model. Whereas old reviews claimed a 512GB model can be available, Weinbach’s sources demonstrate customers must splurge for the S10+ if they wish 512GB of storage. Additional, a old rumor we took set upon claimed that the S10+ model can be available in 128GB, 512GB, and 1TB configurations, an assertion which varies a tiny from Weinbach’s numbers above.

As a ways as memory is concerned, Weinbach’s claims we can ask the following:


S10 Lite: 4GB RAM
S10: 6GB RAM
S10+: 6GB/8GB RAM
S10+ 5G: 8GB/12GB RAM
Folding phone: 12GB RAM

The 12GB of RAM is undoubtedly an peek-catching spec, but it’s now not the main time we’ve seen a rumor about it. With Samsung’s Unpacked tournament now with reference to 5 weeks away, it’s a receive bet that extra Galaxy S10 leaks are smartly matched trusty throughout the corner.

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