Alexa’s one-methodology intercom characteristic arrives on Hearth TV Dice – Engadget

By asserting “Alexa,” then enlighten, broadcast or pronounce all americans, adopted by your message, that it’s likely you’ll obtain the family or your roommates together for movie night with out having to yowl at all americans to set aside their methodology to the lounge. Alternatively, that it’s likely you’ll pronounce your loved ones individuals who are busy observing TV to switch to the dining room for dinner. The update is rolling out on Hearth TV Dice devices in the US.

One other update arriving later this month will let spruce doorbells or cameras send notifications to your Hearth TV Dice. So, if Alexa tells you somebody is at your door, that it’s likely you’ll narrate one thing admire “Alexa, enlighten me the entrance door” and the Hearth TV Dice will demonstrate what your camera or doorbell is seeing to your TV. You’d uncover which notifications your Hearth TV Dice receives and which devices broadcast your messages throughout the Alexa app’s Alexa Announcements menu.

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