A female friend of infamous Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman described how the two escaped from Mexican marines by the utilization of a hydraulic make a selection bathtub that resulted in a sewer tunnel. Prosecutors showed video of the raid and tunnel in court. (Jan. 18)

NEW YORK — Accused Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán allegedly had sex with girls as young as thirteen after drugging them, newly disclosed federal court files narrate.

He referred to the youngest of his alleged underage sex companions as his “vitamins,” “because he believed that sexual state with young girls gave him ‘lifestyles,'” the guidelines narrate.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors disclosed the guidelines upfront of Monday’s scheduled originate up of jury deliberations in Guzmán’s trial on prices he led a power criminal enterprise that smuggled a lot of cocaine and diversified drugs into the United States.

The sixty one-year-dilapidated defendant will be sentenced to lifestyles in penal advanced if convicted on basically the most extreme value.

“Joaquin denies the allegations, which lack any corroboration and were deemed too prejudicial and unreliable to be admitted at trial. It is miserable that the cloth changed into as soon as publicly launched appropriate sooner than the jury beginning place deliberations,” Guzmán’s defense team mentioned in a press free up despatched to media organizations.

The allegations are based mostly on statements given to federal investigators by Alex Cifuentes Villa, a faded high Guzmán lieutenant who modified into a cooperating executive search for and testified in opposition to his ex-boss throughout the trial. Cifuentes is believed handiest as CW1 in the court filing.

Prosecutors launched the guidelines as they began responding to applications from files organizations to fabricate disclosure of filings that were sealed or redacted throughout Guzmán’s trial.

Basically based mostly on the fable supplied by Cifuentes, an affiliate is believed as “Commadre Maria ” regularly despatched Guzmán photos of girls as young as thirteen. For roughly $5,000, Guzmán or his pals “would possibly possibly well perhaps have the girl of his selection dropped at one of (his ranches) for sexual intercourse,” the court filing mentioned.


Prosecutors have began presenting evidence to jurors in the trial of the infamous drug smuggler is believed as El Chapo by giving them a video tour of a tunnel between Mexico and an Arizona warehouse. (Nov. 14)

Cifuentes, who lived along with his boss throughout 2007-2008, told prosecutors he had sex with girls as young as 15 “three or four times.”

“He witnessed the defendant fabricate the same on just a few times, with girls as young as thirteen years dilapidated,” the court filing mentioned.

Cifuentes also told prosecutors he helped Guzmán by following the boss’ directions to assign a “powdery substance” in the girls’ drinks. Cifuentes told prosecutors he did no longer fabricate this with the underage girls he bedded, the court filing reveals.

Separately, the brand new court filings also announce that Guzmán “raped a cooperating search for, thereafter beginning place a romantic relationship with her and drawing her into his criminal enterprise.”

The allegation appeared to focus on to Lucero Guadalupe Sánchez López, a faded mistress who testified in opposition to Guzmán throughout the trial. She testified that she met Guzmán when she changed into as soon as about 21 and went on to became the mistress and “housewife” of the one who changed into all all over again than 30 years older.

Sánchez told jurors how she and a unadorned Guzmán escaped from a squad of Mexican Marines by fleeing thru a Culiacán drainage tunnel by an entrance hidden below the bathtub of 1 of the boss’s stable homes. 

Sánchez later modified into a Mexican lawmaker in Sinaloa. She changed into as soon as removed from map of job based mostly on evidence of involvement with the Sinaloa drug cartel, the place Guzmán changed into as soon as a senior chief.

Sánchez did no longer declare she’d been raped when she testified in opposition to her faded lover. Guzmán has no longer been charged in connection with the alleged incident and has denied that it occurred.

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