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Bud Light could honest comprise cracked up some Mammoth Bowl viewers with its commercials on Sunday, however the company additionally cracked birth a feud with its most moving opponents and a prime agricultural enormous for a whopping three Mammoth Bowl commercials excessive of corn syrup.

One of many Anheuser-Busch beer tag commercials that aired at some level of the first half of depicts the solid of medieval “Dilly Dilly” characters suffer a plump-out odyssey to command an pleasant barrel of corn syrup to Coors Light and Millers Light.

But any other ad, which aired at some level of the third quarter, showed characters getting haircuts whereas discussing beer components. The major takeaway of all three: Coors Light and Miller Light use corn syrup to brew their beer; Bud Light doesn’t.

The major ad without extend (and quite unsurprisingly) brought on some less-than-entirely happy responses from the aforementioned brands. MillerCoors, the dad or mum company of Miller Light and Coors Light, put out an announcement decrying the ad and slamming Anheuser-Busch for having high-fructose corn syrup in its products.

“At MillerCoors, we’re contented with our tremendous quality, superior-tasting beers,” MillerCoors’ marvelous Twitter fable posted on Sunday night. “We’re additionally proud that none of our products embody any high-fructose corn syrup, whereas a determination of Anheuser-Busch products attain. And Miller Lite has fewer calories, fewer carbs and more model than Bud Light.”

The National Corn Growers Affiliation, an agricultural lobbying community, additionally slammed Bud Light for denouncing corn syrup.

“The united states’s corn farmers are disenchanted in you,” the association’s Twitter fable tweeted Sunday. “Our location of job is proper down the motorway! We’d relate to talk over with you the a nice determination of advantages of corn!”

The NCGA  additionally thanked Miller Light and Coors Light for “supporting our commerce.”

It remains to be considered which group could come out on high of the back-and-forth, but as Alabama Media Community sports reporter Trace Heim tweeted: “This could per chance be more animated than the game.”

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