Adam Levine confirmed his nipples throughout the Proper Bowl halftime cloak and didn’t procure in distress at all – Mashable

What is it with nipples on the Proper Bowl?

In the course of Sunday’s halftime cloak, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine determined to recall his shirt off for the group, on epic of one thing was as soon as important to liven up the musical same of a jar of mayonnaise. 

The grief? The Proper Bowl halftime cloak has a storied history — with the general pearl clutching over Janet Jackson’s nipple better than a decade previously. Justin Timberlake, who uncovered Janet’s nipple in 2004, returned to the Proper Bowl last yr and fans had been fleet to slam him. And now it be Levine’s flip to if truth be told feel the warmth.

Maybe we must still factual carry encourage the Elvis impersonator magician from Proper Bowl XXIII.

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