1 survivor, sixteen useless in cargo plane fracture in Iran – Fox Files

Emergency crews in Iran answered Monday to a cargo plane fracture at an airport about 25 miles west of Tehran that killed all nevertheless one amongst the sixteen-person crew, reports overseas acknowledged.

The crew aboard the Boeing 707– which was once hauling meat from Kyrgyzstan– declared an emergency and tried an unscheduled touchdown at Fath Airport, which belongs to Iran’s renowned paramilitary Revolutionary guard, reports acknowledged. The plane skidded off the runway and slammed exact into a wall and exact into a residential neighborhood.

The plane was once engulfed in flames when emergency crews arrived. The Sun, citing native reports, acknowledged the pilot can have mistakenly landed at the location.

Iran’s air force acknowledged in a press release that the destiny of the crew, in conjunction with their seemingly “martyrdom,” is below investigation. It wasn’t straight away fantastic who owns the plane, though Gen. Shahin Taghikhani, an navy spokesman, told negate TV that the plane and its crew were Iranian.


Iranians usually expend the phrase “martyrdom” if you occur to die in battle or national service, suggesting the aircraft can have belonged to the air force. The Iranian air force does operate Boeing 707s; it furthermore has a civilian airline, SAHA.

The Associated Press contributed to this utter

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