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It sounds love we’re in for a wild scuttle when The Bachelor returns in about a weeks with original star Colton Underwood

Assuredly, Chris Harrison would possibly perhaps be elated to converse that whatever season is coming up is basically the most dramatic season ever, however this time, he is hesitating. 

“Ought to you dispute it’s dramatic of us are love, oh that skill drama and villains and tears, and yes there’ll likely be that, however the emotional more or much less plod you wrestle by with Colton this season and the tales that approach out between the ladies, between Colton, it’s loads deeper than we on the total catch. I will staunch dispute that,” Harrison tells E! Info in the video above. 

He moreover acknowledges that yes, there would possibly be gonna be a range of virginity discuss, jokes, and “cliches,” especially on evening one, however he promises the explain will switch past that. 

“I knew the cocktail shaggy dog story segment of the virginity turn out to be as soon as going to be a thing, and I”m ready to catch past that. I do know [Colton] is simply too,” he says. “And inspect, the ethical details is he has an ethical humorousness about it. He’s an ethical sport. But all I will dispute is you will devour to see. He’s ready.” 

Now, we now devour moreover obtained to resolve out what the heck is occurring with this fence soar. We noticed in the necessary promo for the season that in some unspecified time in the future, Colton jumps over a fence whereas Chris Harrison is yelling after him, making it seem love it’s an actual bit of drama and never staunch Colton having enjoyable hopping over fences.

In step with what Harrison needed to whisper in regards to the second, it sounds love it truly turn out to be as soon as a “dramatic second.” 

“I belief I had him boxed in attributable to the fence. Itsy-bitsy did I do know, I failed to, and I turn out to be as soon as dealign with an NFL athlete that would possibly perhaps without speak affect rupture of that fence,” he tells us. “Assuredly with these Bachelors I will withhold up with them, Colton I will now not withhold up with.” 

Why on earth turn out to be as soon as Harrison alive to to box Colton in? Are they taking part in a game, or is that this Colton making an strive to flee a date or tricky questions from Harrison himself? 

No matter’s going on, we cannot undergo in mind the leisure time Harrison talked about a Bachelor or Bachelorette this formulation, love perchance he and the explain obtained higher than they bargained for. 

For more on what to expect this season, see the video above. 

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 7 at Eight p.m. on ABC. 

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