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Neatly, that handiest took a 12 months.

At The Hollywood Reporter’s 2018 Women in Entertainment Vitality 100 luncheon, the relentlessly problematic Lena Dunham made yet yet any other in a prolonged sequence of public apologies for her behavior; this time to actress Aurora Perrineau.

As that you simply can maybe maybe or may maybe not buy, as the #MeToo motion gathered steam within the drop of 2017, Perrineau got right here forward with a rape accusation against Ladies creator Murray Miller. Dunham and showrunner Jenni Konner hasty rose to their honest correct friend and colleague’s defense, despite his counterfeit claims Perrineau, who turned into as soon as 17 on the time of the alleged attack, turned into as soon as seeking to extort money with the charge. In the job, two white girls folk who had usually and loudly claimed to face for girls folk and against patriarchy successfully threw Perrineau, a blended-mosey woman (and daughter of actor Harold Perrineau), beneath the bus. In a joint assertion, the 2 wrote, in fragment:

Whereas our first intuition is to listen to to each and every woman’s fable, our insider knowledge of Murray’s anguish makes us confident that sadly this accusation is without doubt one of many 3 p.c of assault instances that are misreported yearly. It is a correct disgrace to be able to add to that quantity, as birth air of Hollywood girls folk mute war to be believed. We stand by Murray and right here is all we’ll be announcing about this anguish.

It’s a stance we’ve change into all too accustomed to seeing from self-proclaimed “feminists” of Dunham’s and Konner’s ilk, who all too on the total abandon rules they’ve previously espoused the moment they aren’t straight affected. Nonetheless because it turned out, it may maybe maybe be a long way from the final item Dunham would be announcing about it. Widely and rightly known as to task for her anti-survivor stance, she quickly issued a blanket apology:

I naively believed it turned into as soon as significant to piece my perspective on my honest correct friend’s anguish because it has transpired within the lend a hand of the scenes over the final few months. I now have in mind that it turned into as soon as totally the rotten time to come lend a hand forward with such a assertion and I’m so sorry. …

Every woman who comes forward deserves to be heard, fully and totally, and our relationship to the accused must not be fragment of the calculation somebody makes when inspecting her case. … We ask for forgiveness to any girls folk who maintain been disappointed.

First of all, your perspective is by no manner extra significant than a survivor’s, Lena.

Nonetheless until Wednesday morning, Dunham had not publicly apologized to Perrineau herself; that is, until she ascended the stage at Unusual York Metropolis’s Milk Studios with none diversified than Aurora’s mom, Brittany Perrineau. Perrineau, a fellow white woman, stoically stood alongside Dunham and popular an apology on behalf of her daughter (who turned into as soon as not in attendance), in addition to offering Dunham forgiveness and asking the THR luncheon company to redirect their infuriate.

It turned into as soon as supposed to be a poignant moment, nonetheless as with most issues Dunham does this day, it felt performative. It turned into as soon as yet any other Band-Abet PR restore strive by a over and over myopic personality (she calls herself a “power oversharer”) who’s eloquent in her shipping nonetheless usually reckless in her behavior.

The appears to be coincided with Dunham’s stint as guest editor for The Hollywood Reporter’s accompanying anguish on girls folk in leisure. In her editor’s letter, she spoke of what an very honest correct 12 months 2018 has been for girls folk in Hollywood, writing, in fragment:

Nonetheless with that growth, there maintain been mistakes, there turned into as soon as pains. There has been a deep and gut-wrenching reckoning. And never appropriate for men. …

I by no manner stopped, worthy much less stopped to preserve into consideration that I will procure a contrivance to traumatizing any individual, too (the accurate grievance I’ve repeatedly had about passe white man artists).

And so I made a unpleasant mistake. … There are few acts I may maybe ever remorse extra on this life. I didn’t maintain the “insider knowledge” I claimed nonetheless rather blind faith in a fable that kept slipping and changing and published itself to imply nothing in any admire. I wished to no doubt feel my office and my world had been loyal, untouched by the birth air world (a privilege in and of itself, the privilege of ignoring what hasn’t pains you) and I claimed that safety at designate to any individual else…

It’s a worthy greater apology than the publicity stunt pulled at Wednesday’s luncheon. Nonetheless as worthy as Dunham wants to (again) make this about her awakening, right here is the accurate criticism and peril that girls folk of coloration combating for his or her rights and recognition maintain repeatedly had of “white feminism”—and white girls folk, in fashioned. In myriad ways, we’re confirmed that our safety will repeatedly be relinquished to theirs, when vital—and on the total, to that of their men. What Dunham doesn’t seem to comprehend is that we are the “birth air world” she’s been making an strive so desperately to insulate herself from, and now we maintain got also most on the total been the collateral damage in her evolution.

And no amount of posing and posturing with the mom of any individual she’s helped to re-victimize changes that truth—a truth with repercussions that sadly lengthen a long way past Perrineau, as Dunham wields energy within the Hollywood firmament. And whereas Perrineau’s mom may maybe no doubt feel compelled to forgive Dunham, let’s appropriate sing it’s a factual thing her daughter’s therapeutic and survival didn’t count on that belated apology.

What Dunham’s persisted self-centeredness all all over again signifies is that her feminism is conditional—and worse, reactive. And whereas she may maybe preserve into consideration herself one of an “military” of survivors changing the tide in Hollywood, it’d be mountainous if Hollywood would cease rewarding her myopia and positioning any individual so desperately in need of steering as a number one utter. She’s simply not appropriate.

As a result of as Viola Davis pointedly stated in an unrelated moment at some level of Wednesday’s tournament: “I cannot lead with bullshit.”

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