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In April 2017, it modified into as soon as marketed because the occasion of a lifetime. The Fyre Track Competition modified into as soon as billed as a two-weekend, immersive abilities in paradise the attach festival goers would abilities high musical acts, occasion with supermodels and pause in lux lodging on a non-public island in The Bahamas as soon as owned by Pablo Escobar.

But attendees who paid 1000’s of dollars to flit to the Caribbean for Fyre Fest had been greeted with total chaos. As soon as they arrived, they chanced on a tent metropolis and half-built structures. As more tag holders arrived, they chanced on there modified into as soon as no longer ample security, lights or meals. Dwell tweets from ground zero of the pseudo-concert turned the fest and its co-founders, rapper Ja Rule and entrepreneur Billy McFarland, into the laughing stock of the Web.

Within the aftermath of the debacle, Fyre Fest modified into as soon as federally investigated and subject to a class circulate lawsuit. McFarland modified into as soon as arrested and sentenced to six years in detention middle for defrauding investors for tens of millions of dollars.

Now, the unique Netflix documentary Fyre: The Finest Event That Never Took attach, out Jan. 18, goes tiring the scenes with folks straight fervent to discover exactly what took attach and how it all fell apart.

Chris Smith, the documentary director, says that in relation to marketing, Fyre Media succeeded in “selling the dream” of a seaside commute combined with a song fest. But handing over on the fable modified into as soon as every other fable.

“I invent no longer think they space out to elevate a stare at and rip-off folks and generous indulge in them flit out and it be a bother. I believe the postulate modified into as soon as to ship one thing that lived as much as the promoting. It modified into as soon as generous the fact of that generous proved to be incredibly very unlikely,” Smith says.

The documentary interviews no longer handiest the organizers and folks that know McFarland, however also native Bahamians who worked to space up the festival that had been never paid.

“I had seen the news fable when it broke and generous the implosion of the fest and how it modified into as soon as being reported and it continuously felt very one dimensional,” Smith says. “To me, I modified into as soon as to stare if there modified into as soon as a human fable tiring it.”

Smith notes that he reached out to Billy McFarland to be interviewed for this documentary however that McFarland wished to be paid in clarify to look.

“Or no longer it is a mirrored image of this thought of notion and truth,” Smith says when explaining takeaways of the film. “Right here you had one thing that modified into as soon as presented as form of the good festival abilities and the fact of it modified into as soon as so different. It feels very phenomenal like a mirrored image of the times that we’re in factual now.”

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