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DEAR ABBY: Our youngest son these days married a woman who has an 18-year-archaic disabled daughter, “Lauren.” The girl’s psychological level is between that of a 2- and four-year-archaic. There had been physical confrontations between my unique daughter-in-legislation and her disabled daughter, which are becoming extra frequent now that all of them are residing together.

Our daughter-in-legislation refuses to pursue services and products for Lauren, pronouncing she is staring at for her to be transitioned precise into a personnel home and feels much guilt in doing so.

Lauren is currently in a day program, which doesn’t seem like serving to her. She has clear behavioral problems and has been build apart on a greater level of meds that haven’t helped. Psychologists, counselors and college personnel are noncommittal about offering any again and haven’t suggested on the correct scheme to address this.

My danger is, my son and his major other now derive a 6-month-archaic son, and I anguish about the toddler on this home environment. Our son loves his major other and thought he may perhaps presumably address the challenges that attain with residing with Lauren. He now says he thinks it is far finest to pause the marriage, but he’s uncomfortable about giving an ultimatum to his major other. He has a high-force job, and his unique home environment is taking a toll on him, physically and mentally. Any recommendation for him is favored. — MOM ON THE SIDELINES

DEAR MOM: I esteem your danger for the properly-being of your son, but if you are natty, you will remain supportively on the sidelines and no longer insert yourself into this sensitive topic. In case your son feels so pressured he’s brooding about ending his marriage, he must be telling his major other about it and no longer his mother.

DEAR ABBY: I’m a 31-year-archaic waitress and proud atheist. I’m thought to be one of the indispensable least judgmental of us I know. Who rather a few of us like or how they to find to like isn’t crucial to me.

I derive an everyday customer who comes in to the restaurant about twice a month. He’s a pastor and thought to be one of the indispensable nicest guys I private I’ve ever met. He’ll continuously carry alongside of us from his congregation and take away them dinner. He counsels unique families and tries to coach them the ways of the field. He counsels indignant children, and they listen to him. I derive monumental admire for him.

The challenge is, at any time when he comes in, he tries to obtain me to return to his church. It’s infrequently an hourlong conversation. Before all the pieces I used to be smartly mannered about it and correct talked about no thank you. Recently it reached the level the set apart I talked about firmly, “I don’t need your church.” Abby, he soundless persists!

I don’t know what to enact anymore. I wouldn’t in actual fact feel appropriate kicking him out of the restaurant. Is there a heart ground? — NONBELIEVER IN GEORGIA

DEAR NONBELIEVER: The pastor may perhaps presumably be an evangelical, who feels that it is far his responsibility to “unfold the observe.” The heart ground, since he appears unable to accept your smartly mannered refusals, is to derive one more waitress encourage him in set apart of you, if that’s ability. If no longer, demand your supervisor for guidance.

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