Chris Jericho could maybe return to WWE, nonetheless it received’t be for no longer no longer up to Three years – Cageside Seats

Chris Jericho signed a three yr contract with All Elite Wrestling that is, because it looks to be, an exclusive deal. That doesn’t imply he received’t serene work with other promotions, assuming AEW decides to work with said promotions, but WWE will no longer be integrated in that.

As he explained to Chris Van Vliet, he’s performed with WWE for no longer no longer up to the duration of his deal:

”Effectively, I imply, maybe in three years I could streak there or be connected to them or whatever. But for licensed now, for the next three years, it’s AEW. That’s the place apart I’m signed, and that’s the contract that I if truth be told comprise.”

But what about going help when that contract is up?

”My profession, I never expected it to switch this long. Then 2016 came around and the factor with Kevin Owens started, which used to be superior ridiculously standard. Chris Jericho’s title fee is higher than ever. Then the chance to forestall Alpha vs. Omega, Kenny vs. Jericho at the Tokyo Dome. from a commercial standpoint now Jericho is making a distinction to relief this company in Recent Japan originate some right inroads in the States. Then, cherish I said, all these other things occurred to the place apart I had this suitable yr in Japan, it used to be simplest supposed to be one say but then I signed on for 3 more matches. Then the cruise comes up and I desire a prime event for that, so I stop that match. I never if truth be told expected to serene be wrestling but to be wrestling at the highest of ranges with my title bigger now than it’s ever been, who knows, man? I don’t ever if truth be told assume what I’m going to be doing in the shatter. If I carry out my profession with the WWE or AEW, my time in WWE is cemented, if I’m going help or no longer. It’s no longer cherish it used to be help in the day ought to you’re gloomy balled for all times and ‘you’ll never hear the title Chris Jericho yet one more time.’ It’s no longer cherish that. So whether or no longer I’m going help or no longer, I imply, I’m serene repeatedly a segment of the WWE, for sure.”

He’ll if truth be told streak help, because all of them streak help, because it simplest makes sense that he in a roundabout draw returns. He talks cherish a man who knows that too.

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