Is it a cool or a flu? Here are 5 ways you would possibly perhaps well account for, essentially based completely completely on the CDC – WCPO

With flu and cool season in fat swing, it will each so frequently be laborious to account for what’s causing your sniffles and sore throat.

In response to

essentially the most neatly-liked numbers

from the U.S. Facilities for Disease Regulate and Prevention,

19 states are experiencing excessive phases of flu activity

and 13 children hold died up to now from the flu this season.

So what can you carry out to present protection to yourself? Moreover getting a flu shot, it will additionally be priceless to know the adaptation between the flu and the frequent cool. Whereas each are respiratory diseases, they are prompted by varied viruses, the CDC says.

“In frequent, flu is worse than the frequent cool, and signs are more frequent and intense,” the CDC says.

Colds are frequently milder than flu. As well, colds frequently don’t result in severe health concerns, equivalent to pneumonia, bacterial infections or hospitalizations. The flu, on the unreal hand, can hold very severe concerns.

Here are five ways you would possibly perhaps well account for ought to you would possibly perhaps well additionally unprejudiced hold the flu or a cool:

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