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The beloved Sport Boy game is coming to the Switch

Nintendo has announced a stout remake for the Sport Boy classic The Memoir of Zelda: Hyperlink’s Awakening for the Nintendo Switch.

Hyperlink’s Awakening for Switch is deliberate for a 2019 unlock. In its dispute trailer, Nintendo confirmed a recreated cutscene model of the Sport Boy opening of Hyperlink’s Awakening, seeing Hyperlink wash ashore on Koholint Island after a storm destroys his boat.

Nintendo’s dispute also showcased gameplay and the unusual art fashion. Hyperlink’s Awakening on Switch retains a top-down digicam fashion nonetheless blueprint in an world realized in completely 3D animation. Characters are 3D items, and the art fashion is unusual to the gathering. (Some of us within the IGN blueprint of job devour in contrast it to the claymation characters of Frigid the Snowman.)

No further gameplay particulars were published, nonetheless it completely seems to be retaining the core of the customary skills.

Hyperlink’s Awakening grew to severely change 25 last year, and when we last ranked the final collection, Hyperlink’s Awakening ended up in our Top 10 Memoir of Zelda games list.

Discover obvious to test out our customary evaluation of The Memoir of Zelda: Hyperlink’s Awakening DX, its Sport Boy Coloration port and take care of tuned for tons extra on Hyperlink’s Awakening as Nintendo reveals it.

And, for a ways extra, test out all of our Nintendo Express coverage from the Feb. thirteen presentation.

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