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The critical ending in Kingdom Hearts three may maybe well even be unlocked by performing explicit tasks, that are obvious by the extent of downside you are playing on. The critical movie in KH3 can finest be considered after beating the game, in the end.

The intention in which to Release the Secret Ending in KH3[edit]

To release the secret movie, you are going to must secure Lucky Emblems (Mickey Symbols) by taking photos of them as you play Kingdom Hearts three. It is seemingly you’ll well maybe release the Gummi Phone that can well maybe have interaction these photos after Twilight City.

Secret Ending Lucky Imprint Necessities[edit]

Be obvious to envision out the Lucky Emblems – Mickey Symbols Photo Locations and Manual

The intention in which to Search the Secret Ending in KH3[edit]

If you beget gotten taken the mandatory choice of Lucky Imprint photos, yow will discover the Secret Ending in the identical location you watched the Epilogue.

Save and head out to the main menu. Then, you are going to be in a position to glance the secret movie, titled “Yozora,” in Theater mode.


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