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The filmmakers confirmed us roughly 15 minutes of footage from the DC superhero movie.

IGN changed into amongst the media stores invited final week to the Warner Bros. backlot to look roughly fifteen minutes of footage from Shazam!, wherein time director David F. Sandberg and producer Peter Safran confirmed their DC movie has an dwell credits scene and addressed rumors about cameos from Henry Cavill’s Superman and/or Dwayne Johnson’s Dark Adam.

Listed below are six highlights from our time visiting Shazam! in its post-manufacturing, starting up with …

As soon as more, Dwayne Johnson Would possibly possibly possibly well no longer Cameo as Dark Adam

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been linked to play Dark Adam since 2014. Within the five years since that agreeable announcement, it changed into made up our minds that Shazam! and Dark Adam, one of Shazam’s most iconic villains, would acquire two separate movies in snarl to enact every personality justice. And though Johnson has twice denied that he’d appear in Shazam! (first in 2017 and on the different hand in 2018), one of many journalists requested the filmmakers about a rumor he’d heard that Johnson changed into indeed on hand and attracted to making a cameo as Dark Adam in a post-credits scene however the topic changed into that a costume wouldn’t be on hand in time to enact it. The filmmakers shot that rumor down.

“Whole fantasy. He may possibly need been on hand. That’s the correct direct about that assertion which shall be accurate. I don’t know if he changed into or no longer,” Safran acknowledged. “Nonetheless, no, there changed into never a conversation with him about a post-credits sequence. Truly, never.”

That would no longer point out the filmmakers wouldn’t love to gaze Johnson’s Dark Adam appear in a doable Shazam! 2 can also aloof his private solo movie no longer transfer forward. “You’d settle on to gaze it at some point soon, , due to he’s a classic villain,” acknowledged Sandberg. Safran agreed, adding, “He’s a in reality most entertaining adversary so one would hope that somehow you’d gaze these two onscreen collectively at some point soon nonetheless it’s no longer going to be in this one.”

What A pair of Superman Cameo (From Henry Cavill)?

The filmmakers were mum even supposing they did seem to downplay it every time the invited journalists alluded to the continuing rumors that Henry Cavill’s Superman may possibly pop up at some point soon in Shazam!. The filmmakers reiterated that Shazam! takes situation in a world where these DC superheroes exist. Billy Batson’s foster brother Freddy is the resident superhero buff and collects clippings and items from their previous adventures, at the side of a bullet that failed bounced off the impervious Man of Metal. And in the footage we noticed at some point soon of our consult with, Freddy and Billy every name-test Batman and Superman at different functions.

“We have relaxing alongside with your entire issues around it, however before every little thing it’s Shazam’s narrative,” Safran acknowledged. The producer later acknowledged that there changed into never any strive from Warner Bros. — which has infamously gaze-sawed on establishing a DC shared cinematic universe to merely taking issues one movie at a time — “to strive to shoehorn it into any make of existing storylines or universe, etc.”

“They reside in a world where these items [DC superheroes] are staunch,” outlined Sandberg, adding, “which is also relaxing to catch due to we don’t if truth be told gaze that part of it. Enjoy how would pop custom — would they aloof contain the toys, the action figures we contain now? And so they enact nonetheless it’s right according to staunch issues.”

The filmmakers did add that they scrutinize forward to seeing Superman on show hide over again can also aloof Warner Bros. ever manufacture one other Superman movie.

Sure, There Is a Submit-Credit rating Scene

Despite the indisputable truth that the different of a Superman cameo stays shadowy, producer Peter Safran did notify that there may be an dwell credits scene in the movie. While he clearly wouldn’t show hide what the personality of the scene will be, Saffran outlined what went into rising with it:

“I maintain it’s potentially the an identical decision-making that one has on all these movies, which is, what’s going to be relaxing, what’s going to be gorgeous for the viewers, what’s going to be an amazing punctuation heed at the dwell of the movie that, over again, goes to be gorgeous for the viewers. So that’s the controversy you largely contain. We had loads of alternate solutions. I maintain we ended up with something appropriate.”

There Are Some Very Vague Easter Eggs in the Movie

Followers making an are trying out for DC Comics Easter eggs can also aloof retain their eyes peeled at some point soon of Shazam!’s scenes discipline in the Rock of Eternity. “We manufacture if truth be told some stunning deep cuts,” director David F. Sandberg confirmed. “Especially if you happen to noticed a bit bit of it when he comes into the Rock of Eternity, it’s seemingly you noticed, love, artifacts and issues which will be from, love, if truth be told extinct comics. So I maintain very few of us may possibly tear, ‘Oh, I do know where exactly all these are from.'”

“Customarily, Geoff Johns and one different individual. It’s for these two of us we constructed this stuff,” quipped Peter Safran, in a reference to the faded DC Leisure president and CCO and comics creator whose New fifty two bustle has vastly influenced Shazam!.

Will Shazam Occupy Mastered All His New Powers by the Cease?

Shazam! spends a immense deal of time on Billy Batson adjusting to his recent grownup make and the spacious powers that contain it, however will he contain fully mastered them all by the dwell of the movie? “He certainly has a level of retain watch over and consciousness however there’s aloof plenty for him to be taught by system of the closing doable of what Shazam is,” Saffran outlined.

“When the Wizard endows on him this skill to claim Shazam and change into a superhero, there’s no handbook that comes with it so it if truth be told is a direction of for him to be taught what his staunch doable is. He involves be taught critically in areas of doable however no longer the total direct by any system.”

Safran had earlier touched on there aloof being extra narrative and comics lore to expose for Shazam in due direction: “Obviously, you will contain a restricted amount of staunch estate if you happen to manufacture a movie so I maintain we’ve most entertaining contain right gotten into what the aptitude of Shazam is. And likewise, for our movie, it’s about Billy discovering his doable. So it’s about him discovering out what his powers are and the procedure they work at the side of Freddy so it’s roughly a starting up point extra than anything else for him so there’s plenty extra to tear.”

So … What Pictures Did We Peek?

While I received’t tear into any spoilerish blow-by-blow of the roughly 15 minutes of footage screened, I will declare that most of the footage changed into from the early portions of the movie where Billy Batson (Asher Angel) positive components his powers from the Wizard (Djimon Hounsou) after which proceeds to determine out how they work with help from his fanboy foster brother Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer).

These were extended sections of scenes previously revealed in every the trailer and the first TV tell, critically the Rock of Eternity sequence where Billy is talented with powers and first transforms into Shazam. The movie’s humor and giddiness were most on expose though when Shazam and Freddy were making an are trying to determine out what exactly he can enact with his newfound powers, from stopping a pair of would-be comfort retailer robbers to “foiling” a mugging that would no longer tear rather how Shazam assumed. The wit and whimsy on expose in these scenes certainly bolstered producer Peter Safran’s promise that Shazam! shall be a “relaxing, action-packed, wish fulfillment movie.”

For added on Shazam!, investigate cross-test our explainer on its villain Dr. Sivana, be taught who the movie’s different DC supervillains are, catch out how costly the costume changed into to manufacture, and acquire pleasure from our explainer on the complicated history of Shazam.

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