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And Jaxxon is along for the high-tail.

Marvel Comics goes feeble-faculty with its most modern Megastar Wars mission. At the unique time the publisher announced that it’s reviving the unique Megastar Wars humorous for one month.

As revealed by, Marvel will put up Megastar Wars #108 in Could possibly additionally 2019. No longer most efficient will this standalone relate admire up the attach the unique series left off, it will even characteristic the return of traditional Marvel characters like Jaxxon, Domina Tagge and Valance the Hunter.

Megastar Wars #108 duvet by Walt Simonson. (Marvel Comics)

Megastar Wars #108 duvet by Walt Simonson. (Marvel Comics)

Megastar Wars #108 will likely be written by Matthew Rosenberg (Uncanny X-Males) and characteristic a crew of artists that entails Giuseppe Camuncoli, Luke Ross, Kerry Gammill and Andrea Broccardo. Rosenberg’s account will namely attend as a sequel to 1981’s Megastar Wars #50, which launched a unsafe plague known as Crimson Forever.

Marvel’s noteworthy description for the relate reads, “A truly lengthy time within the past on a spinner rack a long way, distant…Megastar Wars comics were a LOT diversified than they’re if truth be told! With wild and intricately plotted storylines, Marvel’s ancient customary breeze launched an array of customary heroes and villains to play alongside George Lucas’ incredibly standard science-delusion characters. In celebration of Marvel’s eightieth Anniversary, this Legends-period sequel to legendary humorous guide creator Archie Goodwin’s ‘Crimson Forever’ reunites Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO, and R2-D2 with Jaxxon, Amaiza Foxtrain, Domina Tagge, and Valance the Hunter in a galaxy-threatening, nostalgic curler coaster! Strap yourselves in!”

Megastar Wars #108 variant duvet by Giuseppe Camuncoli. (Marvel Comics)

Megastar Wars #108 variant duvet by Carmine Infantino. (Marvel Comics)

Marvel’s customary Megastar Wars series ran from 1977 to 1986. Whereas the series adapted the events of all three Long-established Trilogy movies, it used to be also necessary for being among the first tasks to magnify the Megastar Wars franchise and explore the events in between movies (and even after Return of the Jedi).

This humorous is amazingly critical since it’s miles the first unique Megastar Wars account to be residence namely within the pre-Disney “Legends” continuity. Could possibly additionally this be step one in direction of bringing support the conventional Megastar Wars Expanded Universe in a better capability?

Look for Megastar Wars #108 to be launched on Could possibly additionally 29.

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