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This page contains all known cheats, secrets and solutions, and pointers for Tall Fracture Bros. Supreme. Read the sections below for extra info.

Character Unlocks[edit]

Unlike outdated iterations, Tall Fracture Bros. Supreme handiest starts with the distinctive forged of 8 characters from Fracture 64. All other warring parties must be unlocked by diverse ability – the handiest exception to this rule are the Mii Fighters, that would possibly perhaps well merely be created at any time.
There are three main solutions confirmed for unlocking characters in Supreme:

  • Free their Captive Spirits within the Adventure Mode: World of Gentle
  • Salvage play both in celebrated Fracture Mode or any mode that pits you against both CPU or human opponents.

For data on other solutions of unlocking characters, watch Concepts to Liberate All Characters in Fracture Bros. Supreme.

Fleshy Vs. Mode Liberate Direct[edit]

In expose to region off a recent challenger when playing Fracture suits, the game looks for participant enter – that suggests that you just can must level-headed be piquant all over a match: merely pressing one button many cases or working would possibly perhaps now not be sufficient. By pressing a whole lot of buttons as that you just can perhaps all over a match, or of path button mashing, that you just can perhaps unlock a persona in round a 2-minute match.

If no fighter looks, which ability that you just proceed to have not performed sufficient to region off a recent fighter.
The unlock expose for this procedure is now not random – that you just can always gain contemporary challengers within the the same expose, unless that persona has already been unlocked by blueprint of different ability. Gaze the list below:


Skip the Challenger Cooldown[edit]

There does appear to customarily be a “cooldown” between warring parties displaying from Vs. Mode suits that lasts from 5-10 minutes, but whereas you happen to would possibly perhaps bear in mind to would possibly perhaps merely own performed sufficient, that you just can perhaps reset this timer by merely closing the game utility and relaunching it from the dwelling conceal.

Then that you just can perhaps play a snappy 1-Stock match and fall off the stage to snappy quit the match and region off the contemporary challenger.

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