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Sever Jonas and Priyanka Chopra at Is rarely always It Romantic movie premiere.
Priyanka Chopra and Sever Jonas | Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/AFP/Getty Photos

Now that Priyanka Chopra and Sever Jonas are married, the request of when they’re going to be having children is inevitable. When asked this request now not too long ago, Chopra changed into ready with an answer. Yes, they want to have a family, but they’re also in no bustle.

The newlyweds speeding, but children are of their future

Chopra changed into asked about starting up a family on the premiere of Isn’t It Romantic in Los Angeles and explained that children “will happen,” but their busy careers don’t have them hurrying so that you can add diminutive ones to the combo factual but.

The actress explained to journalists: “We each and each know that
that’s something that must happen, but it’s now not something I imagine
very noteworthy.” She added, “We’re each and each very driven, we worship our work, we’re married
to our work, and we’re each and each very supportive of each and each various’s work. So I’m traipse
it would happen in an natural skill.”

Jonas argues they’re restful of their honeymoon period

When the couple were asked about parenthood in a PEOPLE interview in December, Chopra explained, “We surely favor children, and when the time is factual, it would happen.”

Jonas is vow material with taking part in factual the two of them for a
bit longer, telling the journal: “Let us be married first for a whereas sooner than
we now have gotten to manufacture all these obedient decisions. We’re in our honeymoon period factual
now and we’ll provide you with the chance to be for a in truth long time.”

The couple were married in December, with a preference of celebratory receptions following. Chopra informed journalists on the premiere that so far, marriage has been “factual magical.”

She added: “We haven’t changed, strangely, as a result of we’re restful navigating… getting to understand every various, and it’s factual magical, as a result of each and each day is love a original feeling and a original day and you’re finding out something original.”

Jonas is able to be a dad

In a December interview with Spotify’s The Rewind, Jonas celebrated that being a dad is on his radar: “I surely want to be a father in some unspecified time in the future.”

He added: “I deem that’s an genuine dream, and I deem I’ve needed to develop up handsome rapidly. With that, you would belief at it two ways, you would direct that changed into unfair, or you would direct it has given me some right point of view at an early age… and I’ve seen masses of life at an early age and I hope so that you can part that with rather one amongst my like in some unspecified time in the future.”

Chopra has fun over Jonas in The Tonight Mask sketch

Chopra has been busy promoting Isn’t It Romantic and stopped by The Tonight Mask for a sketch with host Jimmy Fallon, called “Ew!” The actress played Jimmy Fallon’s personality’s BFF Mia, channeling a teen with pigtails and even getting rather joke in about her husband.

At some stage in a speedround game within the sketch, Fallon’s Sara showed
Chopra’s Mia a preference of objects, most of them eliciting an “Ew!” When shown a
photo of Sever Jonas, Mia talked about, “Ew!,” with Sara asking, “Truly?” Mia
joked, “No, I’d completely assign a hoop on it.”

Sara added: “If I marry one amongst his brothers, we can even fair furthermore be sisters-in-regulation. We’ll be J-Sisters. I’ll be the bonus Jonas.” Too adorable.

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