Tyler Perry Pays Off Layaways at 2 Walmarts Shut to Atlanta for Christmas Season – Newser


This is now now not quite a Madea Christmas, nonetheless it upright shall be better. “I was attempting to carry out this anonymously, nonetheless … y’all know the diagram nothing stays secret for the time being,” Tyler Perry, the essential particular person of the Madea franchise, confessed in a handy e book a rough video on Twitter Thursday, letting americans know that he had a holiday surprise for any individual with gadgets on layaway at two Walmarts in the Atlanta condominium. The gigantic display cowl: He’d completely paid those layaway funds off, which manner customers who’d had stuff ready to be picked up there as of 9:30am Thursday can now get their goods without needing to pay a penny.

Properly, that’s now now not quite magnificent—Perry does tell in the clip that affected patrons might per chance per chance per chance beget to pay exactly one cent to retrieve their wares. Per CNN, a Walmart receive confirms that Perry paid off greater than $430,000 in layaway expenses at the 2 retail outlets he mentions, and Walmart posted its beget thanks on-line, tweeting, “We hope you needless to tell you upright made Christmas for thus many families. You went above and past.” Perry’s reasoning for his act of generosity, per the video: “I label it be hard cases, a quantity of americans are struggling. I’m upright in actuality, in actuality grateful to be in a assert to carry out this. So, God bless you. Race get your stuff. Merry Christmas!” (Perry also honest now now not too lengthy ago came through for Cosby Display cowl actor Geoffrey Owens.)

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