Screencap breakdown: The Sport of Thrones season eight teaser trailer – Winter is Coming

The day before today time, HBO released the first professional teaser trailer for the eighth and closing season of Sport of Thrones. This is it, all people. Let’s be conscious it again!

The teaser may per chance no longer comprise any recent photos, but that doesn’t imply we can’t shuffle frame by frame and over-analyze every single moment. Let’s originate!

We birth with a white mist spreading across a plot of Westeros:

Mist, pointless to inform, is a harbinger of the White Walkers, so the symbolism has already started. Naturally, the mist is rolling in from the north, factual as the navy of the pointless will soon be bearing down on the relaxation of Westeros.

Next up, we comprise got a direwolf plot marker:

The direwolf is the image of Dwelling Stark, and the mist rapidly frosts it over. Does this spell doom for the Starks at the hands of the White Walkers? How literal is HBO being?

Anyway, the digicam pulls back and we no doubt model what we’re attempting at: it’s Aegon’s plot table from Dragonstone, which featured rather heavily in season 7.

Witness that the plot marker for Daenerys’ Unsullied forces it standing at the far conclude of the plot within the shot above, a ravishing distance from the Stark plot marker. If the Starks are at Winterfell on this shot, the Unsullied are somewhere on the North’s east circulation.

Next we discover Dwelling Targaryen’s dragon marker, though it’s laborious to expose precisely where it is. It’s extra south than the wolf, though.

The mist will get the dragon, too, covering it in frost:

This is no longer a kindly ticket for our heroes.

Next, the mist rolls extra south, doubtless sweeping over a physique of water:

Down south, things are attempting a diminutive extra nonetheless…for the moment, though there’s an alarming fire burning past Dorne (discover the sun-with-a-spear plot marker within the background):

The fire rapidly spreads, atmosphere ablaze the Lannister plot marker, which we bear in mind sits over King’s Touchdown.

And soon your entire nation-stammer is on fire:

Fire and ice bustle in direction of one one other, freezing or burning all of their course. That no doubt looks just like the Iron Islands within the center:

At final, the two forces of nature meet, colliding in steam-stuffed haze in relation to the guts of the plot:

Particularly, they conflict happens in relation to the three forks of the River Trident, a plight of sizable ancient significance for Westeros. It used to be here that Robert Baratheon defeated Rhaegar Targaryen within the most crucial battle within the Struggle of the Usurper. After that, the drop of Aerys Targaryen and Robert taking the Iron Throne comprise been rather unparalleled follow-thru.

The Trident is additionally where Torrhen Stark, the final King within the North outdated to Robb, knelt to Aegon Targaryen all the plan thru Aegon’s Conquest. Now, one other warfare between ice and fire is occurring within the same plight. Nonetheless how will it play out?

Properly, if we shuffle by the trailer, a recent type of Wall starts to originate, one thrown up by the collision of ice and fire:

Or at the least, that’s what some fans are theorizing, with a lot of suggesting that it’s a Wall made of dragonglass. If that’s the case, it raises all forms of questions. Will we discover a recent Wall exchange the extinct one, with humanity pushed extra south? Or is this factual HBO’s methodology of depicting a cataclysmic battle in limited?

Here’s a are residing image of our mind cells colliding against every different attempting to figure this out:

At final, the Sport of Thrones title card kinds on the conceal, and we relaxation:

The phrases themselves be conscious to be made of ice:

There’s tranquil no real date, unfortunately, though we comprise got already got a range of trained guesses.

So this teaser is heavy on symbolism, teasing the warfare between the Starks/Targaryens on the one hand and the Lannisters on the different: north vs south, ice vs fire, existence vs dying. Now we take a seat and depend on recent photos!

Asserting WiC Membership: the most outlandish membership this aspect of the wall

Asserting WiC Membership: the most outlandish membership this aspect of the wall

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