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Avengers: Endgame is the freshest upcoming movie of the year, there’s no rely upon about it. It’s virtually as if it’s the most sensible doubtless movie that issues this year in the case of on-line buzz, one thing that can’t be acknowledged about different 2019 blockbusters worship Superstar Wars: Episode IX. All Marvel fans want to be taught the diagram the Avengers will defeat Thanos and revive all those stupid characters in the technique, and inquire which Avengers will exit the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Avengers four. As for what’s going to occur next in Phase four of the MCU, the most sensible doubtless obvious ingredient up unless on the present time used to be that Spider-Man: Far From Dwelling would kick issues off. However now now we bear a large leak that would possibly per chance insist us what Marvel has deliberate for the subsequent few years.

Suitable week we talked just a few profitable fight scene from Endgame that used to be leaked on-line, and we informed you that it’s most sensible to aloof hang it with a grain of salt. That’s because we wouldn’t bear any diagram to envision it unless Avengers: Endgame premieres this April. You’ll desire a mine of salt for the following leak, because it contains so many details about the purported scheme forward for the MCU that we’ll must wait years to see if all of it pans out. By then, Disney and Marvel would possibly per chance per chance well severely substitute their plans — assuming for sure that this leak is precise.

A Reddit particular person that goes by the name youxantspell shared in a lengthy put up details about the diagram forward for the MCU after Avengers: Endgame, which were taken from 4chan. Like I acknowledged, you’ll desire a mine of salt for this one.

Marvel will supposedly fall phases after Endgame, and instead bring two forms of tale types, along with avenue stage and cosmic. Characters worship Remarkable Four and Doctor Doom will bridge the 2 and movies won’t basically respect a linear timeline. Some of them would be situation previously, along with prequels for Eternals and Sad Widow, and just a few of them will occur in the end.

The recent Spider-Man movie will kick off the avenue stage tales, with Sony taking a stare to provide four movies in the franchise, no longer precise three. The overarching villain would possibly per chance per chance be Norman Osborn, but gargantuan storylines will consist of Dark Avengers, Dark Reign, and Siege. It sounds as if, they’re building a Substandard Six product of A-list actors, along with Michael Keaton and Jake Gyllenhaal, who performed villains in the first two movies. Miles Morales isn’t coming to the MCU. Sony would possibly per chance per chance additionally preserve him after the success of the Spider-Verse, with Marvel getting outlandish rights to Spider-Man.

Guardians three, meanwhile, used to be presupposed to begin up the cosmic aspect of issues, but Eternals will hang its set. Question Adam Warlock in the cosmic aspect arcs, with Annihilus expected to be a recurring villain worship Loki. Titles worship Sad Panther 2 and Doctor Habitual 2 are also in the works. The used is in a cramped of effort, interestingly, as they’ll’t think on a villain. Habitual 2 would possibly per chance per chance well begin up filming in leisurely summer or early plunge.

Captain Marvel will play a first-rate role in the MCU going forward, for sure, and the superhero would possibly per chance per chance be marketed similarly to what Fox did with Wolverine. Captain Marvel’s quit scenes will introduce Endgame and situation up the Eternals. The Skrulls will preserve showing in the universe, but there’s no Secret Invasion scheme in the works for the time being.

These supposed leaks attain no longer express who’s going to die in Endgame, but Marvel wishes unknown actors for the heroes going forward, with A-listers taking half in the villains. Chris Evans is completed with Captain The US, and he would possibly per chance per chance additionally insist episodes of Disney+ TV presentations from the MCU. Alternatively, those presentations won’t bear worthy of a connection with the movies. The leak says Marvel and Disney aloof haven’t any thought “what the f**k they’re going to realize with X-Men or the Netflix characters.”

At final, the leaks also level to Shang-Chi, which would possibly per chance per chance be an homage to kung-fu movies of the 60s and 70s reasonably than sci-fi CGI movies.

The tubby put up covering this supposed leak follows below. Bear in mind that mine of salt while you read by scheme of it.

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