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It wasn’t as stress-free because it looked – no decrease than that’s what Joey Lawrence looks to be announcing now that he’s the most modern houseguest to accumulate the boot from Superstar Colossal Brother. After spending 18 days in the dwelling, Lawrence has quite a lot of ideas about the swear’s 2nd season on CBS, and so they aren’t all that optimistic.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Joey, you legit guessed Patriots and the Rams are in the Intellectual Bowl in the occasion you bought here out of the dwelling. How did you plan that?
JOEY LAWRENCE I know! I change into once pretty impressed.

Julie Chen change into once right about the skincare thought. It’s crazy how lawful you stare. What plan in that forty five-minute prep in time ahead of mattress?
Aw thanks an extraordinarily good deal. I are trying to plan my handiest to aid it all on point. It’s a series of things. There’s a 15-minute shower thrown in there … there’s a ending crème and moisturizer. I moreover purchase time to catch my ideas and heart myself to accumulate willing for mattress.

When I talked to Jonathan Bennett, he said there change into once already a amount of stress in the dwelling and he said that unnerved him. Attain you resolve with that?
I fully agree. Final season, there had been plenty more of us that had been in the correct ideas to play this sport. This 300 and sixty five days, of us got here in hot and emotional. These are grown adults throwing f-bombs. With the total stuff occurring in the area at the present time, of us score to turn on the TV and leer of us having stress-free with the sport.

Attain you deem it’s all coming from the girls?
I plan. There are a pair of sneaky, very manipulative guys like Rick [Williams, former NFL player]. I don’t know him personally and we didn’t score more safe moments, which is heart-broken because you wish in stammer to accumulate to know of us. That’s allotment of the sport. The girls are very emotional. It’s no longer stress-free when of us are throwing personal insults and dropping f-bombs in the dwelling. It’s pretty crazy.

Would possibly you accumulate a be conscious in edgewise?
No. It change into once no longer that it is advisable to well also deem. Truly, it change into once definitely laborious, They suck up the total energy in the room and then a pair of of them accumulate extraordinarily offended and non-public. It’s definitely complex to play with of us like that. Other folks tune into to be entertained, no longer leer of us throw insults at one every other.

Dina looks to be preserving a low profile. Your ideas?
It’s tidy. She looks to be swayed with ease one diagram or every other. I don’t know who she is definitely because she [didn’t show] who she truly change into once, no longer like Jonathan and Ryan. In these inner most moments, we weren’t talking about the sport. I definitely revered that. That’s what it is about, being your self. I don’t know who Dina is. She is moderately more subdued than each person else.

How change into once the connection between Kandi and Tamar in the occasion you left? Had they stopped combating?
To handiest suitable with you, I truly haven’t any thought. Every of these girls know the truth TV world very effectively, I plan no longer. I’m blissful that I don’t. I’m very elated that accumulate I employed to play characters and no longer fabricate a residing basically based off of myself. They are very lawful at manipulating moments. I don’t know the arrangement proper or no longer, these arguments had been. I had no thought in the occasion that they had been allotment of gameplay. But they’re very lawful at sucking the energy out of the room and putting on a swear. I don’t know them because we had very few safe moments.

Did you’ve got stress-free?
Um, yes it change into once robust for me. I’m continuously up for a subject. I change into once grateful for after I met Ryan. We had a fab friendship. We’ve already spoken, which is truly frigid. Rather than it change into once complex to be in there with that form of energy. But I’m grateful for the chance that CBS gave me.

What’s your prediction?
I mediate the particular individual that seemingly has the brink at once could well be Tamar because at the tip of the day I don’t mediate Natalie and Lolo can definitely face as much as her. She’s a an extraordinarily good deal particular person and likes to overpower you along with her emotion, though Lolo is moderately much out of maintain an eye fixed on a lot of the time. She’s no longer solid. Tamar is stronger than her. I’d explain Tamar in the in the intervening time except one thing drastic happens.

The following episode of Superstar Colossal Brother airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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