Man Dressed As Elf Engages in Pillow Fights with Clients – TIME

For some, battling and arguing are an inevitable portion of the vacation season, and a lighthearted solution to discontinuance it’s miles with pillows.

A video shared to Facebook on Tuesday displays firefighter Brendan Sullivan dressed as Buddy the Elf, from the approved Christmas flick Elf initiating a series of pillow fights with so a lot of customers at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston.

Sullivan, who recurrently posts comedic movies on Facebook, suggested WHDH that he became as soon as inspired by the 2003 movie and its starring actor.

“I relish Will Ferrell the rest,” Sullivan talked about. “For Will Ferrell to come out with Buddy the Elf, it’s correct love an iconic character now for Christmas.”

“We correct wished to unfold vacation cheer, execute of us snigger, smile,” he talked about. “That’s what we’re out there for.”

Within the video, Sullivan is shown drawing shut passersby, yelling “pillow fight!” earlier than tossing them a pillow to play along. The string of clips displays of us younger and extinct battling Sullivan, wielding a various vary of methodology.

“How discontinuance you consume?” One girl asks, amid a tufted tussle with Sullivan “You don’t, I discontinuance.” he responds.

Some of us were more reserved, cautious of the costumed stranger attempting to desire them in fight. Others took to the exertion hasty, and were decidedly more lethal. The boy at the 1:15 tag went in for an instantaneous assault of photos to Sullivan’s head, knocking his hat off at some level of. Later a younger man in a Patriots jersey scampered spherical, taunting Sullivan whereas swinging the sack of polyfill.

What’s going to also be talked about about all of these of us however, became as soon as that they were having a factual time.

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