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Unbiased appropriate before the two-episode premiere of True Detective season three, HBO in the end let fans know that the closing season of Game of Thrones will fall on April 14. The premiere date uncover moreover came with a teaser for season 8 that’s steeped in mystery and misdirection.

Closing year’s first right Game of Thrones teaser used to be a transient and disorienting mashup of scenes from each and every of the season’s episodes as each and every personality walked in direction of their destiny. This time spherical, however, issues are going in a actually varied route. With the legit season 8 teaser, HBO seems to be to include simply long previous of the route of the utilization of pictures shot specifically for the tease, and run received’t be within the right season at all. Nonetheless, what we gaze have to unruffled play a actually vital position within the fable to reach attend.

Before we ranking into the theories and lore let’s see at the pictures we got: The teaser opens with Jon walking thru the crypts of Winterfell. As he passes by the tomb of Lyanna Stark, a feather falls from her statue’s hand. He’s then greeted by Arya and Sansa because the three Stark kids stroll thru the tomb. As they reach the discontinue the keep their possess statues and future tombs are — at the very least within the teaser — without warning, the lights gloomy, the torches are extinguished, and a blue frigid-taking a see mist begins to pour in.

So, is any of that basically going to happen within the insist? The answer might perhaps presumably be no longer. No lower than, no longer the total ingredient, however one thing indulge in it perhaps will. The teaser itself is directed specifically by David Nutter, the same director as season 8’s first episode, however it with out a doubt feels a bit too worthy indulge in a teaser to gaze how it goes to also match into the episode. For instance, at the start keep of the teaser a feather falls as Jon walks thru, a feather that eagle eyed viewers might perhaps presumably attach in mind used to be at the start keep placed by King Robert on Lyanna’s tomb within the insist’s first episode.

That wasn’t the ideal time we’ve considered that feather; Sansa moreover found it right thru the fourth episode of season 5, when Littlefinger tells her the fable of Lyanna and Rhaegar assembly at the match at Harrenhal, which began Robert’s insurrection. At some level of that conversation, Sansa picked up the feather and wandered off with it in her hand, that methodology that it surely shouldn’t be within the crypts for season 8.

feather King Robert on Lyanna’s tomb in game of thrones season 8 trailer


Finally, there’s the looming threat at the discontinue of the teaser. Because the blue mist rolls in — a clear allusion to the White Walkers that will with out a doubt repeat the season’s ideal threat — the three Starks flip to meet it, prepared to fight. It’s the appropriate image to complete a teaser with, and positions the importance of lore-heavy shows in affirm parallel to the fight of life and death that’s unruffled looming. Nevertheless, it’s strong to mediate that these moments will be so neatly connected within the right season.

With that in mind, our characters are nearly sure to pay a search the advice of with to Winterfell’s crypts this season, in instruct that segment might perhaps presumably be ethical. For those that haven’t spent most of Game of Thrones’ two year long hiatus refreshing themselves on the lore, it’s worth taking a moment to remind ourselves why the crypt is indispensable. Because the ancestral burying keep of the Stark family, the Winterfell crypt is the closing resting keep of Jon’s mother, Lyanna Stark (who he doesn’t know used to be his mother). Whereas viewers had been handled to Bran’s imaginative and prescient as an clarification of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s marriage the other characters are going to desire a bit convincing and it’s likely they’ll activate to the crypts, and Lyanna’s tomb, trying for some onerous proof.

Thanks to a chapter from A Dance With Dragons, the sequence’ fifth book, every person knows that after the fight at the Tower of Pleasure, Eddard Stark went to big lengths to gaze that his sister’s physique used to be returned to the crypts of Winterfell. If the three Stark kids enterprise to the crypts and gaze the tomb, it’s likely they’ll procure some signal of Rhaegar’s affection — presumably his signature silver-stringed harp — which Daenerys can examine, thus proving Bran’s visions ethical and Jon’s ethical identification because the legitimate diminutive one amongst a Stark mother and Targaryen father.

With these discrepancies in mind, alongside with the undeniable truth that the crypts likely preserve a actually vital secret for our characters, the most reasonable doubtless skill to learn the teaser pictures might perhaps presumably be comely indulge in that: teaser pictures. No longer literal scenes of the season, however simply an altered model of what’s to reach attend designed to ranking fans enraged. And it has with out a doubt done its job. With every other three months unruffled to trek before season 8 officially begins on April 14, we’ve unruffled purchased heaps of time for added trailers, whether or no longer they’re right snippets of pictures or a bit extra symbolic.

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