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Fantastic, quite tons of folk are talking about this “Neat Bowl” thing at present, but everyone is aware of that the game everyone’s in truth attracted to is the Pup Bowl.

Now in its fifteenth one year, Pup Bowl XV is determined to kick off at Three pm ET at present. This one year’s lineup involves 39 puppies which could per chance maybe be ready for the leisure, especially being adopted (they’re all eligible for adoption).

While you be pleased to have to establish the myth throw down between “Group Ruff” and “Group Fluff” you’ll need entry to Animal Planet.

If puppies aren’t your thing, or you’re factual taking a notify for more cute fur ball allege (aren’t we all?), the Sixth Kitten Bowl, Kitten Bowl VI is kicking off an hour earlier at 2pm on the Hallmark Channel.

If you have gotten cable, the radiant man pass here is to tune into these in your tv. That stated, in case you don’t have cable or even a tv you continue to have about a choices:

DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue

While you be pleased to have to glance the Kitten Bowl, Pup Bowl, and the feeble Neat Bowl DirecTV and PlayStation Vue are your most efficient two choices. Both offer entry to all three channels and have a free trial choice. Open air of a free trial, DirecTV Now’s $forty/mo and PsVue is $forty five/month.

Hulu With Reside TV

Hulu With Reside TV will give you entry to the Pup Bowl (and the categorical Neat Bowl), but doesn’t offer entry to the Hallmark Channel. While you’re ok missing out on the kitten’s puurfect strive against, Hulu provides a free trial of the provider chances are high you’ll per chance maybe also expend to establish the pet and human matchups. While you forget to damage it, the provider will trip you $forty a month.


While you be pleased to have to study the puppies and kittens but don’t care about the Neat Bowl, now’s a smartly apt time to give Philo a are trying. The are residing tv streaming provider provides entry to both the Hallmark Channel and Animal Planet for $sixteen a month but doesn’t offer entry to CBS where the human model goes down later in the afternoon. While you haven’t stale the provider sooner than chances are high you’ll per chance maybe also are trying it out for 7 days free of payment. AT&T’s Watch TV furthermore provides entry to both for $15 a month.

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