Cardi B and Her Piano Lady Stole the Grammys New – Vulture

The Grammys don’t initiate until its just essential particular person arrives atop a bejeweled piano, so rely the whole lot up to Cardi B’s monumental entrance as just the warm-up. “Welcome to the Grammys,” Cardi declared an hour and a half of into the screen laid out on said piano cherish a queen, fanned by her royal court. Spectacular as Cardi change into, though, most eyes couldn’t ward off her secret weapon, the piano girl. For those irregular, her title is Chloe Flower and he or she’s every classically knowledgeable and has been a key collaborator for all and sundry from Celine Dion to to Mike Epps to Nas, having first been stumbled on by Babyface. And, as it turns out, she’s performed in the fundamental of Cardi B sooner than. Comprise a brief tour of her YouTube covers under.

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